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Let’s cut to the chase here — as a small business owner, your days are busy. You’re managing a team, working with customers, receiving endless notifications, and before you can sit down for a lunch break, your email inbox is full and needing your attention.

To top it off, you’re using multiple tools to manage this bombardment of pings and project updates. And these collaboration and communication tools, like Slack, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Teams, are actually hindering your productivity. You spend hours switching between tools to get work done and communicate with your team and customers. You are searching for documents (was it sent in Slack? Is it on the Google Drive?), and probably banging your head against the keyboard before finally finding the information.

So how are these workplace tools hindering your productivity?

First, they operate like closed silos, a members-only club. This means you need to download the app then invite people to communicate and collaborate with them.

Traditional email formatting is clunky and cluttered. Email never evolved to support the look and feel of 1:1 human communication. That’s why messaging apps became so popular in the workplace, equivalent to mailchimp that can offer a great interface and fantastic features, all the while having better prices and giving your brand a better chance to grow, without charging too much.

Personal or private email servers live in your own space, unlike the usual Apple, Google and Microsoft server farms. This way, you can set up your own disk drive and fully control how your emails are accessed, managed and stored.

For small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that want to cut costs, administrating mails may seem expensive. Similarly, running their mail servers seems difficult because of the incessant spamming. They probably also don’t have the in-house tech personnel or tools to properly configure and run one, while managing the threats.

Thankfully, you can run a secure, spam-filtered mail server for your personal or small-business use, check this out if you want to use the popular, free, and open-source Mailcow software. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to create and set up your own email server right on your PC.

Third, and finally, you spend a lot of time switching between tasks and tools every day. Most professionals spend an average of one minute and fifteen seconds on a task before some kind of interruption. So this constant task switching results in reduced productivity and a ton of wasted time.

But this is all changing now thanks to conversational email.  

Kick Your Work Days Into High Gear

Instead of adding another tool to the mix (and more stress to your life), get your favorite workplace app features right where you are — your inbox.

Meet Spike. It’s the world’s first conversational email platform. It puts the clutter aside and brings in your favorite features of messaging and productivity apps into one place. It’s the less is more approach — simplifying your tools so you and your team can excel and save time.

Spike only requires the use of an email address. That means no more time-consuming account set-up or cumbersome training on how to use a particular tool. Spike is intuitive, fun, and resembles the natural flow of conversation.

Best of all — you and your team can use Spike and all its superpower features but your client can use any other email client. The magic: you can collaborate and communicate no matter which email tool everyone is using. It’s the truest form of open communication.

Traditional email is cluttered and messy thanks to threads, headers, signatures, and other unnecessary details. Spike transforms your emails into real conversations with instant, short, and simple messages, so you can focus more on the people you’re working with instead of the mess in your inbox.

As a small business owner, you probably want to get as far away from your email inbox as possible. But email actually transforms the way you work for the better. It’s a surprising hero to the productivity and collaboration world — Spike is here to save you from those hours of inefficient work and the endless search for important information (so you can finally stop asking yourself which Slack channel you put that quarterly presentation in).

There are plenty of features that will transform you into productivity powerhouse, but Spike revolutionizes your workday by saving you tons of wasted productivity hours:

  • It’s a truly open form of communication. It seamlessly integrates with your current email addresses (works on top of Gmail, Outlook, any IMAP) and is multi-platform, so you can use Spike everywhere: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Web!
  • Removes the unnecessary noise from your email inbox and threads so you can focus your time on the deep work that moves mountains in your business.
  • Consolidates your favorite features of workplace apps into one tool so you can stop that productivity-killing habit of context switching and get more done in less time during your workdays.

The Power Of Productivity Is At Your Fingertips

Spike was built with one thing in mind—to improve team collaboration and boost personal productivity so you can spend less time in the weed and more time enjoying your life.

Kiss messy inboxes and inefficiency goodbye and say hello to the new way to firing up your work days.

Authored by:

Dvir Ben-Aroya
Dvir is Co-Founder and CEO of Spike and has over 20 years executive experience leading technology and internet companies. As an entrepreneur, he is passionate about creating SaaS businesses and nurturing them throughout their entire lifecycle.
When he’s not talking about how to improve modern communication, you can find him surfing with friends or running after his 3 boys.

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