Going paperless does not have to be frightening for small business owners. While there is often a bit of anxiety in the process, there is plenty of support available for small businesses that are ready to take the plunge and go paperless.

By removing paper from a small business, processes that rely on paper have to change. This means that businesses no longer will send bills or invoices through the post office. Everything will need to be sent electronically. Documents will need to be electronically stored and easy to access. Even the process of getting signatures from employees has to change. Fortunately, there are entrepreneurs who have gotten help from a Mobile App Agency and have developed apps and software that support paperless companies.

Apps & Companies to Help You Go Paperless


If your business is going paperless, then you will want an app that lets you send electronic invoices. Invoicely can do that for you. The website will send invoices for free and over 100,000 businesses use their services. Their paid plans are affordable and offer features like branding and accepting online payments from services beyond Paypal.


Their small-business CRM is easy to use and affordable. It allows small businesses to

  • Automate emails and track them
  • Control sales procedures
  • Customize reports and dashboards
  • Provide top-notch customer service

G Suite:

This is the business version of Google Docs and the suite of apps. It is a user-friendly and low-cost alternative to the Microsoft suite of apps. Google Docs uses the cloud for storage so Docs, Slides, Calendar, and Sheets can be accessed anywhere that users can get online. All of the files can be shared with multiple users, which increases productivity. Google Docs is used in schools all over the United States, so younger employees will be familiar with the suite of tools, which reduces the need for training.

Hello Sign:

Because every business will require signatures at some point, every business will need an app for it. Hello Sign is a useful tool that allows people to sign from Google Docs and other common apps. There is a free version available and there are four different paid versions of the app for businesses of all sizes and needs. Gathering electronic signatures through an app like Hello Sign is legal, according to the American Bar Association.  


Even if your office is completely paperless, other businesses that interact with you will not be. You will appreciate having access to a scanner so you can save documents quickly and easily. CamScanner is a great tool that uses your iPhone or Android to scan documents and put them where you want them to go. There is a free version, but businesses benefit from the premium features like having group folders and 10G of cloud storage.