At the core of every successful business is a solid Human Resources plan. It’s an all-encompassing strategy that includes administering employee benefits programs, ensuring that rules and regulations are followed, developing employee engagement and training programs, and recruiting the best talent to the company.

While most mid- to large-size companies execute on their Human Resources plan through a formal HR department staffed by at least one seasoned employee, a lot of small businesses don’t have the time, energy and resources to properly invest in a full-blown HR department.

In years past, this meant that many small businesses ignored the formality of HR altogether, opting instead to cobble together solutions in-house with whatever available staff and resources they had on hand.

In fact, 70 percent of small businesses handle their own HR services as a side job. That consumes 25-35 percent of these people’s time, taking away valuable time they need to actually run the business.

In addition, such a “solution” creates a lot of risk for the business and also hampers vital processes such as workflow, administration, payroll and recruiting. Today, small businesses that find themselves in these situations are lucky, in that they can turn to HR cloud services to benefit their company.

What Are HR Cloud Services?

According to New Jersey IT services, HR cloud services are management systems designed to help businesses handle all their HR tasks in a streamlined, automatic fashion. Outside companies, such as Mitrefinch, handle HR cloud services help businesses optimize their HR process remotely.

According to my companies it services in addition to reducing the workload of non-HR employees, HR cloud services can ensure a business is following all the proper rules and regulations it needs to, as well as provide suggestions on how the business could better streamline its services to serve the company better.

By creating a centralized database, HR cloud services can:

  • Help managers track their employee hours in real-time, which increases payroll accuracy.
  • Drastically improve employee schedules remotely and online.
  • Manage employee attendance, as well as leave and time off history.
  • Streamline the recruitment process and involve more people in multiple locations. 

HR cloud services are changing the industry by taking advantage of the powerful technology that is at the disposal of small businesses today. Teaming up with HR cloud services like SAP, sap partners will aid in customizing and enriching technology platforms to deliver tailored needs to customers all over the world.

Why HR Cloud Services Benefit Companies That Have an HR Person

For small businesses that have invested in an HR employee or an HR department, utilizing HR cloud services from an outside company such as Mitrefinch is still advisable.

Why? Because the technology these companies have developed and provide is a tool that can enhance the work that on-staff HR employees are already doing.

Recruiting is a major aspect of an HR department’s duties as well as the tech for to keep the records in check. HR cloud services can help to streamline the process of reviewing applications and resumes, allowing hiring managers in any department easy access to the information at their fingertips, no matter where they are.

In addition, HR cloud services can be used as an easy communication tool between the HR department, management and a company’s employee base. The cloud is a place where the HR department can store important forms or information packets that employees can easily check if they have a question, potentially reducing the time HR employees and managers currently spend to research and answer their employees’ questions.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to HR cloud services, even for small businesses that have on-staff HR employees, is it reduces the time managers spend on managing their employees’ time and, as a result, the payroll process.

With business becoming ever more global at an increasingly rapid pace, it’s essential that vital tasks such as HR services are in line with today’s remote business landscape. Managers need to be able to monitor their employees and administer the services they need from places outside the main office.

By offering remote time management software, companies like Mitrefinch help small business leaders manage their teams even if they are unable to be on location with them.

Streamlining the workforce management process helps small businesses save valuable time and money, which helps increase their output exponentially. Services such as a fingerprint scanning time clock simplifies the check in and check out process for employees, allows managers to monitor their employees’ attendance in real time remotely, and reduces the significant amount of time it takes these managers to wade through and approve manual timesheets for payroll.

HR Cloud Services Keep Your Business Safe

Another attractive aspect of HR cloud services for small businesses is they keep your vital information safe. Old-fashioned print-outs of sensitive employee and company information are a thing of the past. While this is information you may need to access on the go, it’s also extremely important it is safe and secure.

HR cloud services businesses such as Mitrefinch have invested heavily in the most advanced and up-to-date security technology, ensuring your information, and that of your employees, is safe from possible attacks and exposure, all while being easily accessible to you.

Data security is an essential component of any small business, no matter the industry. Not having to worry about whether your data is safe is important, as small business managers and HR professionals need to focus on the aspects of the business that have the biggest impact on the bottom line.

Being able to deploy on-premise and cloud-based workforce management solutions is the key to staying ahead of the curve in today’s business world. That’s why HR cloud services are not the wave of the future; they are already here.

Mitrefinch delivers Workforce Management and Time and Attendance solutions enabling organizations to better measure, analyze and manage employees’ working time, and deploy human resources more effectively.

Written in partnership with MitreFinch