10 Benefits of Hiring Remote Writers

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Remote work is here to stay, whether we’re talking about remote customer support or remote writers. If you think that everyone who enjoyed more than a year of working from home is going to just come back to the office, you’re kidding yourself. While some can’t wait to get back to the office in person, others have loved the solitude that working from home provided and actually thrived in that environment. There are significant benefits of hiring and retaining staff who are fully remote. This is especially true for roles like writers who need large chunks of uninterrupted time to do their work with excellence. Constant office interruptions can significantly decrease their productivity and make it challenging to keep up with the demands of writing.

Here are some of the top benefits of hiring remote writers:

Reduced Overhead

When you hire remote writers, you don’t need to worry about having an office building large enough to house them and all your other staff. Remote writers can more easily work from home because typically all they need to do their jobs is a decent computer, a few software programs, access to good internet and your network. While many companies offer a stipend for their staff for things like office chairs and computers, these can still cost significantly less than the equipment and desk you use in the office.

Improved Productivity

If you’re not a writer, you won’t understand the frustration of being pulled out of a good stream of thought. When you get on a role writing, the words just pour out of you. Getting that work disturbed by chatty office workers, or noisy talking means that they’ll spend more time trying to get back to that thought process than in actually writing and producing good content. By hiring remote writers, you know that they can work in an environment that is suitable for the work they do. Because at the end of the day, businesses need people who can produce excellent work, it shouldn’t matter where they do it.

Larger Applicant Pool

If you’re located in New York City, your business will be limited in hiring if you only want on-site workers. You can only choose people who want to commute into the city. If you hire remote writers, you can pick anyone from anywhere as long as they are capable of doing the work. This larger applicant pool means that you can truly pick the best talent.

Can Hire Agencies or Freelancers

In addition to hiring writing staff for your company, there is also the option to hire agencies or freelancers to do the work. With a solid contract in place, you can rest assured that all your writing needs will be met. The beauty of freelancers is that they are accustomed to working remotely and freelance writers have their own preferences for how and when to work. They are used to meeting deadlines and asking good questions to help understand their client’s needs and preferences. They are also very hands-off meaning you can pass along projects and assignments without needing to micromanage their work.

Ease of Training

Experienced writers are already competent in their craft. Other than training on your brand voice and internal preferences, they are very easy to train. Writers are often good readers and with quality training materials, written by someone who offers technical writing services, they can pick up on your needs very quickly. Remote writers are used to working on their projects with very little direction, and can ask critical questions of their projects to ensure the outcome is what your company needs.

Can Work Solo or Collaborate

While the writing process itself happens alone to start, writers can also be incredibly collaborative. Once a piece is complete, they are used to having people add their input, make suggestions for changes, and even critique their work. Remote writers don’t need to collaborate in person. Simply by using technology, they can upload documents, ask questions of their team members and incorporate any necessary changes.

Good Communicators

Writers are good at communicating with words. While they may struggle with verbalizing these words, they are excellent at sharing via written text. This skill is beneficial for remote writers because a lot of the communication they have with their team and employer will likely be through emails, messaging, and other typed communication. Many remote writers have learned to be proactive in their communication.

Work Around The Clock

While you should never expect your remote staff to respond to messages after office hours, your remote staff may work odd hours to get the work done. Depending on how they are paid, salary, by project, etc., they may work early mornings, or late nights. This benefits you because it means that the work is getting done at all hours of the day. While in office staff typically work during the 9-5 hours, your remote workers will work differently if you let them. Writers have specific times of day where their brain functions most efficiently and those are the hours they should be putting in the time to write.

Save the Planet

It’s no surprise that offices waste a ton of paper and consume a lot of energy. With less people in the building, you won’t need to hand out paper memos or consume as much energy. Less need for lights, bathrooms, toilet paper, etc. This efficiency is good for your bottom-line and the planet. Remote writers do everything on the computer which means you won’t need to spend as much on copiers and paper when they work outside the office.

Remote Writers Provide Better Choices

In the long-run, it costs you less to keep good staff than to hire new people. Better choices mean that people will be happier in their jobs, making them want to stay. Remote writers love the choice of working from home, especially when they can focus on writing when their productivity is at its highest. Ultimately, you choose what you want your corporate culture to look like. But why not have one that trusts people to do their jobs, rewards great work, and includes remote writers.

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