Whether you’ve got a single printer in one shop or multiple printers in remote locations, you likely rely on your printers to keep your small business humming. More small business owners are realizing that they just can’t function without a reliable printer repair service. 

If you’ve been considering a printer repair service, you’ll want to look for one that offers fast, courteous, and professional support across the country. Let’s look at the five top reasons why small business owners are choosing to get managed print services and leave the tough stuff to the experts.

Printers Are Complex

You might have one model in one shop and another in a different location. Perhaps you’ve got a Canon, HP, Lexmark, Dell, Brother, Samsung, Sharp, or Xerox printer that you and your team rely on. 

It may be that in the past, one member of your team was the go-to person for all things related to the printer. But what happens when this person moves to another location or gets another job?

Your entire team and customer service operations will falter. It’s a whole lot easier to fix a problem before it occurs. Printers are complex, complicated, and have become increasingly intricate. Why not leave the headaches to a team of experts?

Installation Is Time Consuming

Do you want to spend your weekend setting up a printer, reading an instruction manual in 8-point font, or sweating bullets about installation? Of course not! You’d rather be planning a family outing, checking in with friends, and having a well-deserved moment putting your feet up.

Your time is valuable. As a small business owner, you deserve to have a relaxing weekend to regain your strength, restore your energy, and practice some self-care. Especially during the holiday season, it’s important to find ways to restore and rejuvenate. Installing a printer under a deadline is not really on your Holiday Wish List.

Printer Outages Are Costly

If the printer goes down, everything comes to a crashing halt. That’s why you want to have a team of trained technicians across North America to help you. You want to get rapid response times and first-time fix rates. 

Many small businesses look for printer services that offer double-digit first-time fix rates. Getting your printer up and running is the key to having happy teams, happy customers, and a healthy bottom line. 

Printers Need Regular Service

It’s not as if a printer needs to get serviced once and that will last for a lifetime. If you’re looking at the big picture, you know that it helps to create annual service agreements. This can make it easier to get valuable discounts on per-call repairs, blocks of time discounts, and participation in managed print service programs. 

Small business owners know that national warehouses can make it easier and faster to get maintenance kits and repair parts. If you’re looking for rapid response for emergency, preventative, and routine services, seek out a service provider that matches these requirements.

Printers Need To Be Kept Up To Date Across All Locations

New technology is always changing and evolving. It’s essential to manage your printers just as you would manage a project. The industry term for this is IMAC, standing for Install, Move, Add, and Change. If your business is across multiple locations, it’s especially important to keep your printers up to date. 

You may need to offer certified training to staff so that all team members know how to operate new equipment. Look for a service provider who can offer this level of care, and make sure that your technology or your teams’ skills never becomes obsolete. Small business owners are relying more than ever on safety, security, and service. 

It’s no longer viable to just wing it or manage with yesterday’s printing methods. To compete in a competitive market, savvy business professionals are looking for ways to gain an advantage. As business owners, we’re all looking at trends that change how things are done. Many organizations have evolved into some hybrid forms of work, with some work-from-home days and some in-office arrangements. 

This requires an increased level of flexibility, security, and training. To manage these rapidly changing needs, it’s important to work with a print services provider who can offer experience in data protection, compliance, threat management—as well as functional service. 

Working with a vendor who understands the complex and changing needs of your business will reduce the stress of having a high-functioning team across all locations. Are you ready to have a new year with less stress and higher profits? This could be a critical component of what makes your vision come true.