5 Customer Service Gems to Keep Customers Returning

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keep customers returning

One of two things would happen if you were asked to name a product or service off the top of your head. You’d either name a product or service you loved or a product or service you despised. That’s how people remember products, businesses, or services. Obviously, you want to be on the loved list. Therefore, to keep customers returning you’ll need something other than products and services to offer your customers. That “something” is simply what you can do to elicit unexpectedly positive sensations.

So, think about it: “What do I provide clients that will make them feel good and keep them coming back?”

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about an answer. Here are five customer service gems for retaining your consumers, getting on their “loved” list, and, best of all, getting their repeat business:

Pleasantly Personalize to Keep Customers Returning

Do you have frequent interaction with your customers so that when they need your product/service, they will think of you first? Sending thank-you notes is a big part of this. The ones that are handwritten and personal have the most impact. Customers will remember that you took the time to write them a custom, personal note.

Here’s a suggestion: take a picture. Nature, sunrises, animals, sunsets, or anything else appropriate is good. The argument is that people have a difficult time discarding images. On the back, include a label with your name, phone number, company name, address, and website URL, as well as a short thank-you note. It’s likely that they’ll pin it to their desk or bulletin board and think of you every time they see it.

Politely Persist

The line between persistence and annoyance is thin. Therefore, when you try to pitch your goods or service too hard, you will annoy people. When you address and fill the needs of your customer, however, persistence pays off. Polite persistence is a proactive attitude. Annoyance is a reactionary emotion.

Here’s a tip: call to follow up on a sale or service. Inquire about the customer’s experience. Inquire if there is anything else they would want or require. Make them aware that you are there for them.

Advance Alerts Keep Customers Returning

Nobody enjoys finding out that everyone else had heard about your great deals before them. If you’re preparing to launch a new product or service, reach out to your customers and let them know. It’s a fantastic method to stay in touch with them.

Here’s a hint: your message might be as basic as: “I wanted you to be one of the first to hear about our great offer before we made it public.” What a powerful statement!

A Product or Service of the Month will Keep Customers Returning

Having a product or service of the month is a terrific approach to get your consumers’ attention and develop excitement.

Here’s a hint: practically every month of the year has a holiday in it. Consider monthly product/service of the month goods that are thematic to keep customers returning. You could also use the seasons to divide your Product/Service of the Month. For example, “Spring Into Action”; “Hot” Summer Deals” and so on.

Anniversary Announcements – Remembering Older Purchases

Wish them (and their product or service, of course) a happy anniversary on the anniversary of the date they purchased your goods or service. Of course, anniversaries can be used to commemorate birthdays, company anniversaries, or anniversaries of a product or a service.

Here’s a tip: tell your consumers about your company’s or product’s anniversary. In addition, tell them that they, the customer, are the best gift you could ever receive. After that, thank them for their business.

Additionally, consider including a small “something” with their purchase that day as a token of your appreciation for their devotion. This might be a loyalty card, coupon offer, gift card, or any other type of promotion you see fit.

Customer service is a Choice, Not a Chore!

There may always be some clients who aren’t a good fit. However, if you follow the “5 P’s of Positive Customer Service,” you’ll feel like you’ve been able to double or even triple your customer base. How would this happen? It’s simple! Customers will keep coming back to you.

In addition, they will tell their colleagues and friends about you. Furthermore, their colleagues and friends will tell their friends and colleagues…

It goes on and on like this. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? When you give honest and excellent customer service, the dividends keep coming, just like your customers.

Image Credit: Jopwell; Pexels; Thank you!

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