Android AICore update enhances Pixel 8 features

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Android AICore Update

The Android AICore update brings anticipated features to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8a. This includes the AICore Settings in Developer options > Debugging for improved graphic performance and energy-efficient processes.

These advancements reveal Google’s dedication to AI advancements in the smartphone market. For convenience, toggles for different AICore-related settings have been included for customization of the AI features.

The AICore update is a major leap in smartphone technology and could inspire other manufacturers to follow suite. Google’s commitment to user-focused advancements is apparent by offering this tool for the everyday user to personalize their technology experience.

The new features rely on on-device GenAl Features through AI Core, a tool from the Gemini project.

Enhancing Pixel 8 with Android AICore update

Other applications are substantial with these innovative features, promising development in various fields.

To download the hefty Gemini Nano model, users should ideally be connected to Wi-Fi and be charging their devices overnight. Further application updates might be required for smooth operation of these new features.

Once the Gemini Nano model is successfully installed, your device may need additional application updates to maintain compatibility and functionality. The Pixel 8a will also profit from these updates due to the shared Tensor G3 chip with the Pixel 8.

Potential improvements may appear in various areas, such as camera capabilities, software integration, overall speed, and efficiency as a result of integrated use of the Tensor G3 chip.

The AICore update was first seen on a Pixel 8 running Android 15 Beta 2.1. However, there is no news of its arrival on the Pixel 8a which currently operates on Android 14.

The ‘Summarize’ feature in Pixel Recorder, Gboard Smart Reply and Google Messages Magic Compose are all driven by Gemini Nano. Initially exclusive to the 12GB Pixel 8 Pro due to RAM limitations, it is now integrated into the standard model of the Galaxy S24 and other devices, following the Android 14 QPR3 update.

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