Apple introduces eye health feature in iOS 17

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Eye Health Feature

Apple has launched a new feature termed “Keep Your Eyes Healthy” on September 13, aiming to alleviate the harmful impact of excessive screen exposure on eye health. This innovative feature serves as a part of the iOS 17 release, acting as a digital custodian to ensure safe viewing distance between user’s eyes and screens, and flagging potentially harmful third-party trackers.

The function works through advanced biometrics, identifying potential areas of eye strain and offering recommendations for frequency of breaks and suitable brightness levels. The tool even adjusts screen coloring based on times of day to limit blue light exposure. This initiative reflects a meaningful step in melding technology with health-conscious development.

Continuous close screen usage can have detrimental effects according to numerous health studies. Such effects can include eye discomfort, strain, and possibly disorders like myopia or shortsightedness. Other risks involve posture problems, sleep disturbances, and mental health issues, with children’s development and learning abilities also potentially affected. These findings have directed the design of healthier technology habits and screen guidelines.

Apple’s Screen Distance feature works to lessen eye strain and risk of myopia. The feature prompts users to activate ‘Screen Distance’, delivering alerts when it’s time to pause on-screen activity.

iOS 17’s new eye health initiative

If screen usage exceeds a set limit, an alert suggesting a break is sent out. Users can personalize the alert timings, with the feature also suggesting engagement in physical activities.

Activating the Screen Distance function triggers a persistent alert saying, “iPhone May Be Too Close” when the iPhone is held too near to the face. Ignoring the alert results in continued warnings and possible temporary screen disablement. Users can adjust the warning trigger distance based on comfort and viewing habits.

Users finding the feature intrusive can turn off the function via settings, allowing proximity of choice between iPhone and face. However, doing so could lessen the positive effects of reducing eye strain and potentially preventing myopia. Users have the option to reactivate the feature to continue gaining healthy habit reminders.

Apple continues to weave user convenience and healthcare features into its updates, with more advancements slated for iOS 17 and iOS 18. The goal is to promote a healthier lifestyle for users through features like sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and calorie counters. Future updates could revolutionize how users manage their health through more precise protocols and recommendations.

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