Apple’s new feature safeguards users’ eye health

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Apple Eye Safeguard

Apple’s latest feature, Screen Distance, forms part of the iOS 17 update and is geared towards safeguarding users’ eye health by keeping a watchful eye on how close they hold their devices. Providing customisable reminders to adjust the screen distance for optimal comfort, this feature is a testament to Apple’s unwavering commitment to the well-being of its users.

Introduced in September, Screen Distance sends alerts if iPhones or iPads come too near the user’s face. This health-saving tool aims to foster healthier screen-usage habits, encourage better posture, and decreases potential digital eye strain. Coupled with other tools in Apple’s health suite, it’s a significant aid in cutting down negatives of our growing digital lifestyle, such as unnatural neck angles and poor postures that can pave the way for musculoskeletal problems.

Screen Distance could essentially lower the chance of developing myopia or short-sightedness in users. Activated manually but operates automatically after setup, it monitors the screen-user distance rigorously, ensuring ideal viewing conditions. If the user moves too close to the screen for too long, it sends a gentle reminder to adjust their distance, thereby promoting eye health and reducing susceptibility to short-sightedness.

When the iPhone is detected as being too close, a warning message is shown and access to the device is blocked until it is moved to a safer distance.

Promoting eye health with Screen Distance

If a proximity sensor perceives the iPhone dangerously close to the user’s face, a warning pops up, temporarily blocking the screen. The device only becomes accessible once moved to a safer distance and the user taps on the displayed checkmark to regain control.

Despite its benefits, should users find Screen Distance’s warnings intrusive, it can be disabled via the Screen Distance settings on the device, underneath the ‘Warning Notifications’ option. But bear in mind, turning off these notifications might foster unhealthy screen habits due to diminished awareness.

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