AI eases selling process on online platforms

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"Selling Process"

Selling items online via peer-to-peer platforms has often proven labor-intensive and high-cost, thanks to the steps that are required, including taking pictures, preparing descriptions, and setting prices. Breaking from this convention are modern platforms that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to automate processes, making product identification, price setting, and description generation simpler and more efficient.

Truss, a tech startup backed by a £1m fund from the UK government’s innovation agency, Selfridges, Depop, and The University of Warwick, has developed an AI-based solution to these challenges, targeting improved logistics and inventory management. The solution enables accurate forecasting, optimizes inventory levels, raises warehouse efficiency, and reduces waste while providing the scalability to meet enlarging business demands.

Thanks to the efficient, user-friendly technology, sellers can now quickly identify fashion items via photographs, gain comprehensive product data, and determine ideal online selling prices and listing durations.

AI optimizing online selling efficiency

Furthermore, Truss’ solution is integrated with social media and e-commerce platforms, simplifying the selling process.

Truss has overcome several initial challenges, such as identifying the same clothing item presented differently, using its unique proprietary algorithms. Its technology reads patterns, recognizes materials, and matches specific clothing components using advanced machine learning and image analysis techniques. This revolutionizes inventory systems and significantly improves customers’ shopping experience.

Data for Truss comes from a variety of sources, including contributions from Selfridges and Depop, online site data, and working relationships with allied entities. The data provision process is supplemented by a unique system combining AI with a dedicated workforce in Ghana for accurate product tagging.

The implementation of Truss’s technology is a boon for Depop users, as simplifying the tasks related to describing items and determining their prices complements Depop’s mission to enhance user experience and facilitate continued company growth.

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