Apple reveals iPadOS 18, older models unsupported

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iPadOS Reveal

Apple has unveiled its forthcoming operating system, iPadOS 18, at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Slated for a fall release, the update promises an array of new features like advanced tools for notes, an enhanced Calculator app, and heightened customization options for the home screen.

However, iPadOS 18 will exclusively support certain models such as various versions of the iPad Pro, iPad Air, regular iPad, and iPad mini. Notably, newer models rolling out by the end of the year are expected to come pre-installed with the new system.

The upgrade may not be accessible for all users. Older iPad models taking advantage of the A10X Fusion chip, including the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation), and the iPad (6th generation) will not support iPadOS 18. Sadly, this means owners of incompatible devices will miss out on the latest iPadoS 18 features. For this reason, users are urged to check Apple’s official information on device compatibility before taking the update plunge.

Apple also introduced other innovative systems alongside iPadOS 18 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple Intelligence, an AI-driven system, was debuted, promising enhancements in device functionality.

iPadOS 18 update: compatibility and features

This AI system aims to optimize user experience by predicting user needs and providing personalized responses. It’s an example of Apple’s commitment to enhance user experience through the continuous development of AI systems.

The Mail application received a revamp, too. New features like an efficient search tool, Smart Replies, and automatic segregation of different email types were introduced, all underpinned by integrated AI. This integration should significantly simplify email categorization and response times. New swipe actions have been added to the interface, and the rich text formatting feature allows for a more expressive form of communication.

Finally, potential buyers should keep an eye on price cuts across the iPad line. With discounts on various models currently available — including the newer iPad Air M1 — users can expect to pocket more savings than they would on comparable Samsung and Amazon tablets. As the iPad Pro M4 hits the market, prices are expected to drop even further.

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