Fluz offers universal cashback, enhancing financial freedom

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Universal Cashback

New York-based fintech, Fluz, established in 2018, provides smart financial solutions to consumers seeking to optimise their expenditures. The company offers a unique 1.5% cashback on all Mastercard transactions, not restricted by specific categories or products, making daily savings accessible to all.

Dedicated to promoting financial inclusivity, Fluz allows users to simplify their financial management while maximizing savings. The user-friendly platform credits cashback directly to the user’s account, offering an easy and efficient way to enhance savings in difficult economic times.

Fluz recently collaborated with global agency Koto to expand its user base and create a compelling brand. The ‘Life on Max’ strategy aims to boost financial independence by offering tools and advice for complete financial management. The partnership with Koto marks a positive trend in providing consumer-centric and dynamic financial solutions.

Targeting the 18-32 age demographic, Fluz and Koto are redefining the notion of financial inclusivity with their innovative tools designed to facilitate safe, simple transactions.

Fluz: Enhancing savings through universal cashback

This collaboration tackles the barrier between traditional banking and digital technologies, providing a new perspective on financial freedom for the younger generation.

The brand’s fresh identity incorporates vibrant, ultra-conventional visuals, creating an intriguing blend of financial transactions and community participation. The user-focused design of the app interface secures Gen Z’s financial management, bridging the gap between finance and community through its appeal.

Koto devised Fluz’s new wordmark, delineating the brand’s character and enhancing recognition. The use of the Greed Condensed Semibold font for headlines and statements, combined with an energetic color palette, brings Fluz’s messaging to life.

The rebirth includes a revised color scheme and illustrative components designed to encapsulate the broad purchasing power of Fluz users. This rebranding presents Fluz as a modern and exciting brand, located at the cutting edge of the fintech industry.

Arthur Foliard, Creative Director at Koto, praised the new design’s consistency, flexibility, and uniqueness. This rebranding exhibits a significant leap forward for Fluz, merging user financial freedom with visually pleasing design elements. Foliard believes this recent brand upgrade will strengthen Fluz’s hold in the digital financial landscape.

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