Pok Pok expands digital toy platform to Android users

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"Digital Toy Expansion"

Pok Pok, a beloved digital toy creator celebrated in the iOS developer network, is expanding its reach to Android users. Following an impressive track record on the iOS platform, Pok Pok anticipates delivering their unique digital toy experience to an additional audience. This growth aligns with the company’s mission to provide more children with access to their innovative, creative, and educational digital toys.

Known for the lauded application, Pok Pok Playroom, the company offers 17 interactive activities designed to fuel imaginative play. Rather than utilizing a traditional, structured games approach, Pok Pok Playroom embodies a unique design, focusing on interactive elements similar to digital toys. It fosters both engagement and a dynamic learning environment grounded in creativity and exploration.

The ground-breaking app came to life due to the vision of two Snowman employees, a creative hub renowned for its iOS games.

Pok Pok’s digital toy expansion to Android

Supported by Snowman’s co-founder, Ryan Cash, and Melissa Cash, noted for her past work with Disney and children’s product development, this innovative concept was brought to fruition. Melissa Cash was subsequently appointed as the CEO of the Pok Pok division.

Since its launch in May 2021, Pok Pok has shown exceptional growth. Besides incorporating new educational experiences, the company generated a six-figure monthly recurring revenue and accumulated over a million downloads, a testament to its immense popularity and wide market acceptance.

Pok Pok’s remarkable success led to a $6 million Series A funding round, which included investments from Adjacent, Konvoy Ventures, Metalab Ventures, and Banana Capital. This significant financial backing underlines the widespread confidence in Pok Pok’s promising momentum.

In a move to address gender diversity and in response to a lack of female investors, Pok Pok introduced investors Michelle Kennedy from Peanut and the company’s part-time CFO, Julie McGill. McGill founded the Julie Change Fund, which specifically invests in Pok Pok, striving to encourage affluent individuals, particularly women, to contribute to a more diverse investor base.

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