Still Wakes the Deep arrives on Xbox Game Pass

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"Deep Arrives"

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass has added a new horror-themed narrative game, “Still Wakes the Deep”, to its portfolio as of 18 June 2024. A day-one inclusion for subscribers, the game is developed by Meridian Studios and is available for play on Xbox consoles starting on its release day.

Still Wakes the Deep is a psychological horror game that plunges players into a terrifying maze of mysteries. The developers have integrated unique features that ensure players are constantly engaged and fully absorbed in the game’s eerie environment.

The addition of this game on the Xbox Game Pass platform demonstrates Microsoft’s continued dedication to providing a diverse selection of game genres for their subscribers. Unlike other models, new game additions are automatically added to the subscriber libraries under the Xbox Game Pass, unless the subscriber has already purchased these games.

This ensures an extensive selection of games for subscribers, keeping the gaming experience diverse and enjoyable. The Game Pass also includes popular titles, adding more value to the subscription.

Still Wakes the Deep added to Xbox Pass

Subscribers must note that if their subscription expires or games are removed from the Game Pass, these unplayed titles will be removed from the library as well.

Still Wakes the Deep, with its gripping plot and high-intensity gaming experiences, attracts players who enjoy solving mysteries while fighting off demons. The high-resolution graphics and spooky soundtracks add to its appeal to horror and adventure gaming enthusiasts. It is a masterful blend of terror and suspense, designed to provide an intense gaming experience.

This game is a must-try for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, receiving rave reviews for its unique gaming experience, its detailed atmosphere, and its careful blend of exploration and puzzle-solving elements. The gaming community is eagerly anticipating this chilling adventure, now available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Playing Still Wakes the Deep offers an immersive journey into the world of first-person horror narrative games. Subscribers have immediate access to this spine-chilling gaming experience, expertly crafted with stunning visuals and soul-tingling sound effects.

Still Wakes the Deep is worth a try on Xbox Game Pass. It’s a thrilling adventure into the depths of horror that will captivate your senses and keep you returning for more.

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