Apple plans major Siri update with advanced AI technologies

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"Siri Update"

Apple is set to transform its voice assistant, Siri, into a more sophisticated platform by integrating high-grade AI technologies and honing its conversational skills. Contrary to initial predictions, the revamped Siri won’t debut alongside the eagerly anticipated Apple Intelligence, per insider reports.

The tech giant’s decision reflects a meticulous approach to prioritize the growth and efficiency of each product separately. The specifics of Siri’s upgrades are still undisclosed, but it’s confirmed that Apple’s pursuit of tech breakthroughs will persistently disrupt the realm of digital assistants.

Tech journalist Mark Gurman speculates the next-generation Siri, programmed to understand on-screen context for in-app commands, will premiere in spring 2025, in continuity with the launch of iOS 18.4. Gurman suggests that this cutting-edge approach will markedly enhance user experience by presenting a far more personal and efficient service.

The upcoming Siri is allegedly capable of making inferences based on the user’s behavior, leading to a superior, user-focused interface. Such an approach could form the basis for structured follow-ups to a command, suggesting alternatives based on previous interactions, thus creating a more intuitive user experience.

A select group of developers and early adopters will be privy to the capabilities of the new Siri during a beta test period scheduled to commence in January 2025. This exclusive period will facilitate constructive feedback and enable vital adjustments ahead of the official launch.

Even as the Apple Intelligence debuts this year, it may lack the complete functionalities of the updated Siri.

Siri’s major update: Integrating advanced AI

Some elements, like a design revamp and integration of ChatGPT, will be part of Apple Intelligence’s launch. Yet, the magnitude of Siri’s incorporation into Apple Intelligence remains unknown, stirring debates about the AI’s capabilities, voice recognition precision, and overall functionality.

The new Apple Watch, Series 10, and Ultra 3 might showcase a novel chip outperforming the S9 variant, but without confirmation from Apple, these are mere conjectures. It’s crucial to remember that the execution of a superior chip doesn’t necessarily assure additional intelligence features.

The Vision Pro headset by Apple will fully integrate Apple Intelligence features by 2026. The first rollout of these features will be on an upcoming “AI-powered tabletop robot.” Yet, iPad users may face a delay due to technical compatibility issues and because priority is being given to the novel headset and tabletop robot technologies.

Despite the advancements, Apple has assured users that memorable features and user-friendly interfaces will remain intact. The goal is to enhance user experience, facilitating more personalised and intuitive interactions across all Apple devices.

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