Elden Ring patch 1.12.3 improves gameplay, fixes bosses

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Elden Ring Patch

Patch 1.12.3 for the popular game Elden Ring was released on July 4, 2024, providing much-needed tweaks and improvements. The update addresses a notorious issue with the ‘Golden Hippopotamus’ boss, known for its aggressive attacks towards players.

In addition, the new patch introduces numerous performance optimizations to improve gameplay. It focuses on fixing bugs, tweaking game mechanics for balance, and refining AI behavior. Bonfires are more accessible now, and the healing properties of estus flasks have increased.

The patch targets the game’s challenging bosses: Commander Gaius and the Golden Hippopotamus. A significant change is the repositioning of these bosses to their original locations during the first encounter, thus preventing immediate attacks when the player steps into their zones.

Elements such as the Shadow of the Erdtree boss have been revised.

Improving Elden Ring gameplay: patch 1.12.3

This boss now only initiates an attack when the player returns to challenge it, a strategic change that offers players a brief window to prepare and thwart unexpected attacks.

Commander Gaius, known for his aggressive behavior, has also seen changes in this patch. Initial player experiences suggest that the modifications have made Gaius more tolerable compared to the Golden Hippopotamus.

The update rectifies the Golden Hippopotamus’s “unblockable bite attack,” which was landing more frequently than intended. Developers have also tackled collision issues and graphic irregularities in the “Lost Oasis” level.

Quality of life improvements, such as refined in-game store functionality and improved navigation through “The Dark Forest” due to better lighting, have been introduced. The game developers assure that they are steadily working to identify and mend any remaining issues within the game system.

Hirun Cryer, a multi-award-winning freelancer journalist known for his commentary on video games, recommends that players consult guides for a deeper understanding of Elden Ring’s intricate quest dynamics. These guides could offer helpful insights and enhance one’s gaming experience.

Stay tuned for further Elden Ring updates and continue to enjoy this exciting gaming adventure!

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