Epic Games gains Apple’s approval for European iOS Store application

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European Application

In a strategic shift, Epic Games has reportedly received approval from Apple for its iOS Store application in Europe. The aim is to distribute apps to iOS users beyond the confines of Apple’s App Store. This could revolutionize application distribution and challenge the exclusivity of Apple’s ecosystem.

Despite this progress, Apple has imposed certain conditions. It confirmed that Epic’s application passed review but requested changes to the design of the app’s buttons in Epic’s forthcoming submission. Epic perceives these changes as compulsory and resists them, escalating the ongoing conflict between Apple and Epic Games.

The tension between the two tech giants is nothing new. Previously, Apple revoked the European developer license of Epic Games Sweden when the company proposed its own store for Apple’s notarization authentication.

Epic Games’ European iOS store approval

This escalated the ongoing legal battles over App Store policies. The revocation effectively prevented Epic Games from distributing its games and updates through the App Store in Europe, sparking wider debates about app distribution and developer rights.

The main issue of discord was the design of the “in-app purchases” indicator and “Install” button of Epic’s game store. Apple claimed that the similarity between these designs and its own could create confusion. This infringement on Apple’s original designs escalated the contention between the two companies. Apple maintains that distinct designs are crucial to avoid user confusion and sustain brand uniqueness in a highly competitive market.

The relationship between Apple and Epic Games is increasingly complicated. Continuous disagreements over iOS Store policies and operations have intensified complications in this already complex relationship, making predicting any outcomes difficult in this unpredictable scenario.

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