Google Photos highlights ‘Locked Folder’ for enhanced privacy

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'Locked Folder'

Google Photos is enhancing the visibility of its ‘Locked Folder’ feature in hopes of boosting user interaction with this security tool. Intended to safeguard sensitive images and files, the Locked Folder provides an extra layer of privacy. This password-protected space within the app also prevents selected images from appearing in shared albums and other Google Photos’ features.

The feature’s new prominence within the Google Photos app for both iOS and Android users is aiming to encourage more users to utilize this security method.

Enhanced visibility for Google’s ‘Locked Folder’

The ‘Locked Folder’ now features a dedicated button atop the Library tab for quicker access, allowing users to swiftly move their private pictures into the secured folder.

While these changes offer a simpler navigation for users and more efficient protection for private images, the shift has garnered mixed reactions. Critics argue that the increased visibility could detract from the feature’s secretive characteristic and diminish its efficacy.

That said, the relocation of the ‘Locked Folder’ is not the only significant change within the Google Photos app. The traditional ‘Library’ tab is being transformed, serving users as the revamped ‘Collections’ tab. This reshuffle is part of Google Photos’ comprehensive redesign work, seeking to enhance user experience and streamline app navigation.

The updated Collections tab will extend accessibility to the ‘Locked Folder.’ This development is in line with Google’s intent to create storage solutions that are more user-centric, responsibly upholding their commitment to privacy and security standards.

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