Google TV expands free channel availability

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"Expanded Channels"

Google TV has significantly amplified its free channel offering, now providing over 130 channels up from about 80 last year, demonstrating Google’s dedication to enhancing viewers’ entertainment experiences. This increase entails the introduction of an extra 10 channels, further expanding their content range, and offering something for everyone from sports fans to news junkies and movie buffs.

The ‘Live’ section of Google TV, after a comprehensive overhaul last year, now hosts over 800 free TV channels across a range of genres. The acquisition growth of these free channels offers a diverse selection of content and marks a change in Google TV’s marketing strategy. This transformation has appealed to a vast audience by providing easy access to a variety of programs at no cost.

Google TV’s Free Ad-Support Television (FAST) channels model heavily relies on partnerships with Tubi, Plex, Pluto TV, and Haystack. Many of Google’s channels have been incorporated under the ‘Live’ section, providing viewers with accessible content without any need for third-party apps.

Expanding Google TV’s free channel range

Additionally, the integration of FAST channels has revolutionized the ‘Live’ section, offering a more diverse selection, and creating a more streamlined viewer experience.

To access specific channels from content partners, users might need to install the relevant app or register a free account. In some cases, a subscription plan is required. Content restrictions may necessitate the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or activation of parental controls.

Google’s FAST channels are a vital method for generating ad revenue. Google plans to establish a Google TV network exclusively for advertisers promoting their products or services on these channels. Creating this network will allow advertisers greater visibility and reach. This strategy could lead to a substantial increase in ad revenue and potentially result in an increase in the number of free channels available, ultimately enriching the viewer experience.

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