Startups launch AI chips for advanced space computing

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Space Computing

Several cutting-edge startups are planning to revolutionize space computing by launching AI-enabled chips into space. These chips will replace the archaic computing systems currently being used in spacecrafts.

San Francisco startup, Aethero, is leading the way by including its AetherNxN computer in an upcoming SpaceX mission. Based on the Nvidia Orin processor, the AetherNxN computer will provide on-board, real-time computing power capable of handling complex tasks typically performed on Earth.

Aethero aims to enhance data processing and decision-making in space. Having an on-board computer would mean critical data can be sent directly to Earth, reducing any lag time. This advancement could potentially revolutionize space exploration.

The AetherNxN system uses a unique shielding known as Plasteel, developed by Cosmic Shielding Corporation (CSC). This 3D-printed polymer, infused with nanoparticles, is highly effective against radiation and is expected to become a standard feature in space computing.

The incorporation of CSC’s Plasteel signals a significant leap for computer hardware in space environments.

Startups deploying AI for advanced space computing

More than just radiation protection, it could feasibly enhance the lifespan and performance of electronic devices against the rigors of cosmic conditions.

CSC maintains that Plasteel can significantly reduce radiation absorption by the computer while protecting against disruptive single event effects. With advancements like this, radiation will no longer be a significant obstacle in the evolution of space technology.

The Aethero and CSC partnership aims to leverage their collective expertise to create systems capable of analyzing Earth-based data and driving deep space explorations. Both companies foresee advanced edge computing being the driving force behind future space exploration.

Yanni Barghouty, co-founder and CEO of CSC, underlined the importance of their collaboration with Aethero, suggesting it will accelerate the development of modern space technology. As the space sector continues to face challenges, these two pioneering companies aim to deliver creative and practical solutions to meet the demand.

Through this promising partnership, Aethero and CSC aspire to contribute to the evolution of contemporary space technology, thereby paving the way for an exciting future of space discovery.

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