• Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads and Remarketing

      The complexity of paid social media ads and paid search has increased radically over the last couple of years. With innovative ad formats, increased targeting options, as well as more proficient tools for measuring results, companies’ reach towards their target audiences is broader and more efficient than ever. This brings on new challenges, as both […]
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    • 6 Short-Term Goals for Long-Term Success

      Small businesses can create big success if they consistently set short-term, attainable goals. Whether your business is looking to expand into a new market, acquire new leads or make key new hires, these short-term goals will help you sustain momentum over the long term. 1. Make sales and marketing a priority. Clearly, sales and marketing […]
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    • Putting the Visitor First: Tips for Consumer-Centric Website Optimization

      Online searching and shopping are as second nature to some as shopping in traditional brick and mortar stores. And in today’s world where Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second and 3.5 billion searches per day, consumers are pretty demanding when it comes to their online experience. They expect to find the information, services or […]
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    • Google Posts Give Businesses Free Tool to Reach Local Customers

        Every second more than 56,000 searches take place on Google, more than half of them on smartphones. For business owners trying to reach local customers, many of these searches represent an opportunity to reach local customers, but only if they can be found in the results. If you’ve searched by name for a local […]
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    • 7 of the Top NYC Business Networking Groups

      It goes without saying, but face-to-face networking is one of the best ways for a professional running and trying to grow a small business to meet other like-minded individuals. Here is a list of what we consider to be the best NYC Business Networking Groups. Best NYC Business Networking Groups View more lists from Carolyn Crummey
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    • 3 Resources to Make Your Small Business Grow

      If you’re just starting out, you’re probably on the quest for some tools and resources to help you run your small business. You want to ensure that you’re efficient, make smart business decisions and effectively market to your target audience. More than anything, you probably want to know how to make your business flourish. Take […]
    • 5 Ways Businesses Can Use Customer Data

      Data collection has become a priority for businesses small and large. Thanks to technologies that both capture and analyze data, businesses have a greater ability to draw new insights from the data they gather. Customer data is an area of focus that examines consumer behavior and predictive analytics. Take a look at these 5 ways […]
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    • Do More in 2016 With These Project Management Suites

      Whether your teams are working in the same office or remotely, keeping everyone on the same page is essential to the success of your projects. Project management suites are a cost-effective way to stay organized so you don’t have to rely on lengthy email threads. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a small business owner, there’s […]
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    • Changing Domain Names? Here’s 4 Things You Need To Know

      There are a whole host of reasons why you may wish to change your domain name, from re-branding your business, to expanding internationally. Alternatively, you may have been told to switch to HTTPS for security reasons, or because Google’s search algorithms now reward HTTPS sites with boosted search rankings. Whatever your specific reasoning, domain name […]
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    • Marketing Tech Tips to Grow Your Home Services Business

      As an entrepreneur, I bet you’ve tried just about everything to grow your business. Traditional marketing techniques to find new customers, retain current customers, or build your brand are the backbone of any home services business, but there are certainly hundreds of methods that simply don’t work. On top of the traditional foundation you’ve created, […]
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    • Email Hacks Happen to Small Businesses Too – What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

      While many believe data breaches and email hacks happen exclusively to big corporations, what most don’t know is that small businesses are just as vulnerable to attacks, if not more so. Data hacks can have a serious impact on your company – they not only jeopardize customer and partner trust, but they can be a […]
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    • Wrapping up SuiteWorld 2018: NetSuite Announces Hint Water Growth and AI Technology Advances

      At the most recent SuiteWorld held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Oracle NetSuite made two major announcements that demonstrate the company’s commitment to helping small business achieve rapid growth and performing extensive research into implementing cutting edge AI technologies. With the introduction of new AI technology, NetSuite ensures customers can leverage a unified business platform to […]
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    • 10 Things to Do Before Heading Off as Digital Nomad Entrepreneur

      Many entrepreneurs have an adventurous spirit by nature. Not only do they put their livelihood on the line to pursue the dream of self-employment, but this same exuberance usually drives them to explore new cultures, ideas and experiences. In the past, running your own business meant being tied down most of the year and buried […]
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    • Small Business Growth Advice From Small Biz Owners

      Facebook Live is the new way to attend all types of events from the comfort of your home, computer, or tablet. Ramon Ray from smallbiztechnology.com held a Facebook Live event from the Zoho offices in Pleasanton, California during their annual event for press and analysts. He had an expert panel join him as well: Brent […]
    • How to Use AI To Triple the Efficiency of Your Sales Process

      Keeping on top of your calls is key to sales success. While many companies are interacting with their customers via email and live chatbots, the telephone still reigns king in the world of sales: 92 percent of all customer interactions happen over the phone, while only 24 percent of sales emails are opened. If we’re […]
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    • Working Remotely: Three Tips for Healthier and Happier Talent.

      Telecommute: Verb. As defined by Merriam-Webster, it is the act of working from home via the use of an electronic linkup to a central office through email, phone or the Internet. While “telecommuting” itself may seem like one of the many neologisms or buzz words used to describe the modern American workforce, Jack Niles coined […]
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    • How to Build a Powerful YouTube Channel

      With over one billion users worldwide, collectively watching hundreds of millions of hours of content every single day, building an effective YouTube presence is one of the most important marketing opportunities for building a brand presence online. At the heart of every online video strategy sits your YouTube channel. Surprisingly though, it is often one […]
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    • Are You Aware Of These New Domain Extensions?

      The domain extensions that you are accustomed to are those that are most in-use today. You are familiar with the extensions that are common, but you may not be aware of the over 300 that are now ready for you to use. You must begin to search for a new extension that may be useful […]
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    • How Technology Is Changing The Restaurant Industry

      For too long, the restaurant industry has been relying on the same business model that the first restaurateur used so many millennia ago: get customers, serve them food. And while that model still lies at the heart of every restaurant, the industry—and the clients who frequent it—has grown up and evolved since then. Technology is […]
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    • How Patch Management Can Save You from an It Security Breach

      In 2017, Equifax lost the most sensitive of information for nearly 148 million Americans. The worst part about this seismic incident is that there was no excuse for it to happen; the breach was entirely preventable. According to Wired: “. . . Equifax has confirmed that attackers entered its system in mid-May through a web-application […]
    • 4 Webinar Hosting Mistakes that can Ruin You to Oblivion

      Webinars will undoubtedly be a great addition to your marketing arsenal. When you think about it, it’s basically like a video on steroids. In addition to engaging your audience through a live feed, you also get to interact with them through polls, chat, and Q&A sessions. But the best part of webinars is how accessible […]
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    • Using Technology to Keep Employees Connected and Productive through the Winter

        During winter, employees might be finding it difficult to stay plugged in at work. Kicking off the cold weather with the holidays, then entering the new year with the flu season and an inevitable slew of snow and ice storms, business owners are turning to cloud-based technology to maintain employee productivity. Cloud-based services, including cloud unified communication […]
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    • The impact of web hosting on small business

      The impact of web hosting on small business In the last decade, commerce has moved online – and not just for big guys like Amazon, but for millions of smaller companies selling their wares and capabilities. At the same time, these business owners have also seen an increase in the options available for how they […]
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    • 5 Tools To Help You Get the Most Work Done

      Being a digital marketer can have different meanings. You can be a content marketer, a social media expert, search engine optimization manager, a campaign marketer… The list goes on. But what’s the one thing we all have in common, regardless of our role? The need to multitask between specialties. A lot. Sometimes there’s so much […]
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    • POS Malware, Ransomware Threats are on the Rise. How Can Retailers Protect Themselves?

      It was recently reported that a major retailer has been affected by its second breach in the last three years. While this company stressed that no personal information such as names, addresses, social security numbers, and email addresses were obtained, they admit that some credit card numbers were stolen. Both of their breaches were caused […]
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    • 5 Tiny Tweaks for Better Small Biz Security

      Security is one of the most important, but most overlooked, aspects of running a small business. The impacts of a weak cybersecurity plan are often insurmountable. The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business reported that of 60% of all cybersecurity attacks small and medium-sized businesses were the target. 60% of those businesses that […]
    • How Small Businesses Can Leverage Marketing Analytics for Better Customer Experience

      Big data has revolutionized marketing. However, you have to think of big data as a raw material. It’s not the new information that’s changed the way businesses approach marketing. It’s what businesses do with that data, and the insight it provides, to make impactful decisions. By transforming the data and acting on the information you […]
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    • It’s 2017 – Time To Go Paperless In Your Office

      Do you feel defeated when you see the amount of paper that passes through your office every day, taking up tones of space and cluttering everything? You may think that there is just no way you’ll ever get rid of all that paper and that going paperless isn’t for the type of business you run. […]
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    • News: Plantronics Announces Latest Calisto Series to Take Conference Calls on The Road

      Staying in touch on the road is a challenge for business travelers and remote employees. Whether employees-on-the-go need to make conference calls or individual calls, the problem is cell phones themselves. Since mobile phones serve as calendars, computers, and more, remote employees usually need to have more than just their phones with them. Communication Solutions […]
    • 5 Foolproof Ways To Start 2019 Financially Sound

      2019 is here, and it’s time to take stock of your business, and get yourself on the right financial path. Evaluating your financial status as you begin a new calendar year is a smart annual tradition to develop. Here are 5 easy steps to make sure you’re financially sound as 2019 opens for business. #1: […]
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    • EMV and The 4 Things Every Business Should Worry About

      EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) chip technology is a powerful step forward in protecting against credit card fraud. Unlike data contained on a magnetic stripe – which, once stolen, can be used over and over – the EMV chip’s unique transaction code for each use makes it highly secure for in-person purchases. But with adoption finally […]
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    • Data Breaches: Prevention & Marketing

      With serious data breaches affecting a number of retailers in the past few years, you’d think that all business owners would be strengthening their security measures — but that’s not necessarily the case. In 2015, half of global cyberattacks targeted small businesses. Why? Because many small business owners don’t take proper precautions; assuming that criminals […]
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    • How Much Should I Spend On Facebook Ads?

      “How much should I spend on Facebook ads?” As a freelance digital marketer consultant and Facebook ads specialist, this is THE most frequently asked question I hear. It’s a really bad question (I’ll explain why) and also impossible to answer with a specific monetary value. When it comes to advertising on Facebook, or even social […]
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    • Grow Your Email List. How A Psychologist Did It In One Month.

      In November of 2015 I attended a conference where the speaker presented her favorite list growth strategy- an online summit. I was in my second year of business and had heard of this before but frankly, it always sounded a little “old school” to me. What about webinars? Facebook ads? And isn’t Gary Vee rocking […]
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    • Chatbots Are Not Just for the Big Brands

      If you’ve ever asked your smartphone a question like “what’s the weather going to be like today?” or issued a command such as “set an alarm for an hour from now,” and marvelled at the device’s ability to respond and take action, you’ve used a chatbot. The experience is engaging, fun and helpful. That’s why […]
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    • The Importance of Good Credit and 5 Ways to Obtain it

      You know that having good credit is important for you personally — if you want to buy a car or a house, having a higher credit score can help you find a loan at a lower interest rate. But did you realize that having good credit is equally as important for your business? Why Good […]
    • 4 Reasons Your Business Should Not Be Cash Only

      There are many factors that play a part in every consumer’s purchase. The thought process involves quality of the product or service, value for money, and urgency – just to name a few. As a business, you must take into account as many of these concerns as you possibly can. Taking one hurdle out of […]
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    • Dominating Google AdWords: The 7 Key Fundamentals

      You might think you know your way around Google AdWords, but do you really? Even the most expert marketers can overlook aspects of AdWords that they should be investing time and attention into. You could let your campaigns plateau, or you could outpace the competition ten to one by ensuring you have the seven key […]
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    • 5 Tips to Building a Successful Marketing Plan for Your Start Up

      When starting a new business there’s a lot to be done and putting all the pieces in place can be a bit overwhelming. This is especially true when learning how to market your new enterprise. With the multitude of marketing options in today’s world, it is easy to find yourself spending most of your budget […]
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    • Is Your Data Secure When You Rent Cars?

      Use a rental car for business or pleasure, and you’ll enjoy the expected conveniences of modern personal transportation: automatic headlamps, power accessories, a navigation system and connectivity. The last feature, though, should never be taken for granted: When you link your mobile device, your information may be stored and read by others long after you […]
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    • How Remote Access Software Creates Value for a Small IT Team Managing a Modern Infrastructure

      A small business’ IT team is often stretched to the limits in terms of resources. Its members usually have to take on multiple roles to support both end-users and systems that are part of the IT infrastructure. Desktop management, which is one of the components of systems management, can be particularly challenging without a formal IT service desk. […]
    • 3 Ways Technology Is Changing the Face of Email Forever

      Email is still the center of Internet communication, but it’s changing. With the rise of alternate communication platforms such as social media and business messaging apps such as Slack, business communication is evolving quickly. Along with these new technological developments, people’s expectations are continually rising. To better engage your customers, you need to leverage the […]
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    • How to Ensure that your Tech is Bulletproof Before Launching

        In tech, it’s often said that the big no longer eat the small — the fast eat the slow. Being quick and nimble is key in today’s tech landscape. However, it’s essential for entrepreneurs to ensure that their products are ready to bring to market before doing so. INVESTMENT BANKER PROBLEMS My company, FactGem, […]
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    • Top Three Ways Your Identity Can Be Stolen

      Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. According to the 2017 Identity Fraud Study by Javelin, there were over 15 million registered cases of user identity theft in the U.S. in 2016, which is 2 million more than in 2015. Moreover, according to industry reports like the Verizon Data Breach Investigations […]
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    • Digital Marketing for Independent Insurance Agencies

      If you’re a savvy insurance agent – and by your decision to read this post, you are – you know that the traditional way of doing things is no longer relevant when it comes to attracting new customers. Whether it is life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance or travel insurance, more and more […]
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    • Using Cash Back Rewards to Fuel Your Small Business

      Earlier this month, Capital One announced their Power of 2 Contest. Capital One asked you, valued small business owner customers, to share how you use the cash­back rewards from your Spark Cash Card to fuel your business, take care of your employees, and ultimately seize that competitive edge. Now, we’d like to highlight a few […]
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    • How to Measure the Impact of Social Media on Your Business

      For entrepreneurs trying to stand out in the bigger audience is not enough to have a million followers. You need to be able to measure the impact of those followers to your real business. Social Media giants like Facebook, twitter and instagram have not only reduced distanced but provided an opportunity to entrepreneurs to connect […]
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    • 6 Benefits of A Document Scanner For A Paper Intensive Business

      Even though offices have become highly digitized spaces, the fact of the matter is that hordes of critical-to-business information continues to be communicated through paper. This includes business invoices, contracts, business cards, tax documents, travel claims, customer information forms and employee personal records. Businesses such healthcare, financial services, logistics and education are especially susceptible to […]
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    • Why you Need a Top of the Line Antivirus for Your Mobile Device

      Spyware, malware, and viruses used to be terms that would strike fear into many indi-viduals, and very rightfully so to say the least. What they all have in common besides instilling fear, is that they totally destroy a computer, tablet, or mobile device over time if left unnoticed. Thankfully, the progression of technology has created […]
    More by Sean Mir
    • How Highly Specialized CRM’s Are Transforming The Way that Small Businesses Work

      The age of the one size fits all approach to CRM is slowly joining the ranks of the fax machine and the cash register, especially for small businesses. The rapid technological advancement of the everyday consumer has put pressure on small businesses to engage their customers in more and more sophisticated ways. In this highly […]
    More by Seth Price
    • The future of app development lies in Android Instant Apps

      Announced in May 2016, Google’s Android Instant Apps didn’t take long to get the attention of mobile app developers globally. While a few call it a ‘frenemy’ for developers and app marketers, few consider it a boon for a better tomorrow. Whichever way it goes, one thing’s for sure that this new release will prove […]
    More by Shahid Mansuri
    • Building A Website? Watch Out For These 5 Hidden Costs

        Over the past 5 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to launch three small business websites, two of which have grown into thriving businesses. Although technology has made it easier to build websites, I’m constantly surprised by the numerous hidden costs that, if unchecked, can quickly snowball into large expenses and eat into your revenue. […]
    More by Sreeram Sreenivasan
    • Smart Cybersecurity Dials Down Danger

      Gosh. Seems a month doesn’t go by without a new story about hackers breaching some computer system. These stories, paradoxically, can numb people—including small CPA firms—to cybersecurity risks. But that’s unfortunate for a couple reasons. First, security risks continue to grow.  Second, and maybe more actionable, you can take concrete steps to dial down your […]
    More by Stephen Nelson
    • 4 Traits Of Every Successful Business Owner

      Business owners who strive to be successful need to be at the top of their game. They need to own their role and put in the hard work that’s necessary to drive results from their business. If you want to be successful at running a business, here are some key aspects that you need to […]
    More by Steven McMeechan
    • Why it is the Right Time for Entrepreneurs to Invest in Reliable Databases

      More than ever before, start-ups are threatening to disrupt the already revolutionized corporate industry. Several companies, many of which rely on online-generated information, are making grand entrances into the market. For entrepreneurs setting foot in such industries, nothing can prove more profitable than having a reliable database. It gives your business the unique opportunity of […]
    More by Sujain Thomas
    • How SMBs Can Conquer Ransomware

      You don’t have to look far past the news headlines to see that ransomware is a big and growing problem today. And companies have a lot to lose — $1 billion per year, to be exact. What is Ransomware and How Does it Affect Small Businesses? Ransomware is a type of malware that is able […]
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    • Build A Mobile Website From Your SmartPhone In Just Minutes

      It’s one thing to visit a mobile site on your smartphone, but how about building one from your smartphone as well? Joosee.com enables you to create a mobile website for your business in minutes using only your smartphone. You can quickly, and cheaply, build a responsive online and mobile presence and market it too. It’s […]
    • Best Email Service For Small Business: Gmail, ZohoMail or Outlook?

      You need email to run your business. It’s most likely integral to your daily operations, so the solution you choose matters. You need the service that delivers the features you need, the storage space and the integration’s. Let’s take a close look at some options of the best email service for small business, how much they […]
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    • Does Your Website Pass the Market Test?

      As the years go so do the masses of people joining the online world and so does the population of new websites grow. With so much to see, read, and sign up for — it makes your head spin. If you’re even fortunate enough that someone lands on your website, you had best be prepared […]
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    • Load Test Your App or Website With These 11 Entrepreneur-Recommended Tools

      What is your favorite tool for load testing your app or website and why?   These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs. YEC members represent nearly every industry, generate billions of dollars in revenue each year and have created tens of thousands of […]
    • Booking a Meeting? Try One of These 13 Appointment Scheduling Apps

      What is your favorite appointment scheduling app, and what do you think sets it apart from the rest? These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs. YEC members represent nearly every industry, generate billions of dollars in revenue each year and have created tens of thousands of […]
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