Adrian Miller, Adrian’s Network and Adrian Miller Sales Training

– Adrian Miller will help you boost sales and position your market for growth. Adrian’s Network is one of the most popular and fastest growing business networks in New York – with telephone networking, in person events, education sessions and lunches.


Jasmine Sandler, Agent-cy
– Jasmine Sandler is an expert in all things social. She’ll help your business leverage content marketing to GET MORE CUSTOMERS and KEEP the ones you have.


Libby Tucker, Beer to Buds
– Libby’s company helps you send  a very unique gift to that very special client!


Daniel Mizrahi, ContangoIT

– Daniel’s company offers a full suite of technology consulting services with character and class


Regina, DoctorPromo

DoctorPromo provides business & personal printing (postcards, brochures, business cards, invitations, signs & banners), marketing tools (pens, magnets, key tags, etc.), and fund raising items (t-shirts, neighborhood discount cards, silicone support bands). We serve all industries and professions. The next time you need printed or branded items call the Doctor!




Freda Thomas, business growth coach 
– Freda’s passion is all about helping business professionals and their companies go to new heights


Jason Gardner, Jason Gardner Photography
– Jason is a visual anthropologist who some call a “photographer”. He’ll take photos of your event, your corporate offices and more. If you want photographs that are more than pictures, but art, connect with Jason.


Timothy Thew, JETT Consulting Group 


Jimmy Newson, Mobile Market Apps
– Jimmy is one of the leading developers in NY helping growing businesses grow even further through the development of apps. If you’ve always wanted an app or were considering one, Jimmy can help for sure

Elissa Liu, Spark Growth Partners
– Elissa and her team use social media and the world of digital content to bring your brand to life online. Looking for professionals to help give you more visibility – Spark Growth Partners can help.
Scott Zuckerman, The Executive Suite
– Scott specializes in helping high net worth individuals manage their personal and businesses finances. If you’ve always wanted a financial and leisure planning “butler”, Scott and his team can help.