Welcome to the Small Business Technology Analyst Network

This network is designed to provide independent analysis of your product or service and provide exposure to that product or service to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

What are the benefits?

  1. Your product or service will be reviewed by a analyst (see our burgeoning analyst community below)
  2. Your review will be published on and amplified on social networks.
  3. Your review will be the amplified by the analysts in the network, including the review author.

If the review is not favorable, or you do not wish to have the review published, your review will not be published.

How does it work?

  1. Submit your product or service for review through this [LINK] preliminary application form
  2. If your product/service is accepted for review you will then receive a request for payment – $3,000.00
  3. Once payment is received you will be asked to submit more detailed review information
  4. This review process includes a 30 – 60 minute discussion, if needed, with an analyst
  5. Within 7 – 10 days a analyst will review your product/service and write a 500 – 1,000 review of the product/service.

What does the review cover?

  1. What is the product/service
  2. How does it work
  3. Why is it needed
  4. How can a small business owner use it in their business
  5. What does it cost
  6. Who are the competitors
  7. What are the main selling points Analysts