10 Great SaaS Products for Building Customer Loyalty Programs

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What are the best SaaS products on the market for building strong customer loyalty programs and why?

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1. Intercom

Intercom allows us to understand how our customers are using our product and to communicate with them directly in the application, thereby improving our customers’ experience and giving us valuable product feedback.
– Arjun Arora, ReTargeter

2. Conduit Mobile

Conduit Mobile (renamed Como) has a DIY mobile app builder that allows you to create your own loyalty app. You can brand the app and set up coupons and loyalty cards. Foursquare is actually a great way to build loyalty to your brand/local business. Foursquare will provide you with promotional material to showcase at your business locations.
Gideon Kimbrell, InList

3. Smarter Remarketer

If you want to to really scale your customer loyalty program, look into Smarter Remarketer. The founder, Angel Morales, is quite possibly the most brilliant mind in online retail and his product proves it. Smarter Remarketer allows you to build detailed customer segments, score customer value and automate actions that will drive true brand loyalty.
Matt Hunckler, Verge

4. InfusionSoft

I’ve been through several SaaS products and none can compare to InfusionSoft. There’s a reason I’ve used it for years, when often I pick up and drop so many other SaaS systems simply because they promise something flashy and fail to follow up. InfusionSoft allows me to interact with my customers intelligently.
– Rob Fulton, Matikis

5. Curebit

Curebit is one of the best customer referral and loyalty programs on the market. They’re a relatively young startup, and have a very simple-to-use program to enable brands to get their customers to share products. We find incredible value in rewarding advocates who spread the word, and Curebit makes this easy.
– Aaron Schwartz, Modify Watches

6. LoyaltyMatch OnDemand

LoyaltyMatch is easily integrated, has mobile apps, is customizable and has a gamification feature.
Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance

7. RelateIQ

RelateIQ is a best-in-class CRM, or as they call it “relationship intelligence” tool. I use RelateIQ to keep in touch with all of our customers. Their insights and organizational tools really make it easy to build better relationships and increase loyalty.
Adam Lieb, Duxter

8. Loyalty Gator

Loyalty Gator offers tons of options in setting up your loyalty program to best suit your business. They offer reasonable pricing and unlimited transactions as well.
– Josh Weiss, Bluegala

9. Index

Index is a brand new, mobile-friendly tool now on the market that helps build multi-channel customer loyalty programs for online retailers.
– Rameet Chawla, Fueled

10. Pirq

Pirq has a simple, easy to use mobile app for on-the-spot punchcard loyalty programs. What makes it great is that it encourages repeat customers and it’s digitizing a concept that’s been around for ages, thus making it relatable to people.
– Andy Karuza, Brandbuddee

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