Expensive Video Conference Systems Are Dying. Low Cost and Nimble Ones Are Birthed.

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In every corporate conference room, there are traditional conference systems from Cisco or Polycom. They work on large monitors, have special cameras and a special hub to connect it all.

However, many startups and small businesses reusing traditional video conferencing systems like Skype, Zoom and a host of other solutions.

Video conference systems in “today’s” conference rooms are cheaper (like a few hundred dollars – not multiple thousands of dollars) and are compatible with systems like Skype.

CNBC writes, “Companies are dumping their expensive, proprietary systems for technology that works on smartphones and in web browsers as well as on commodity cameras and big-screen TVs. They’re seeking the consumer elements of Skype with the security and support of enterprise software.”

I was at Microsoft’s Redmond campus a few weeks ago and saw the Microsoft Hub in action – it’s VERY cool and useful.

Modern video conference system are cheap, low cost and easily used on mobile devices and leverage 3rd party video systems.

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Ramon Ray, founder and editor Smart Hustle Magazine. Entrepreneur, best selling author and global keynote speaker.