Guns and Small Business: Are You Ready To Do Business in Gun Safety Technology?

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Ramon Ray, FBI Citizens Academy Graduate

I’m a firm believer in the rights and importance of law-abiding citizens to own guns. End of story. I’m also a firm believer in the rights of people to be safe from those who want to use guns to harm others. End of story. What a dilemma. Sounds like a problem for smart entrepreneurs, small business owners, politicians, common citizens and sane advocacy groups to solve. Anybody should be allowed to buy hunting rifles and weather proof hunting backpack, after all, hunting is not illegal. Moreover, anyone who owns a gun should also have a Liberty Fatboy 64 Safe for secure storage of guns. There are rules and laws to follow, as there are with the acquisition of the firearm as well. These must be established with safety in mind, and citizens must follow them to the letter. As long as both of those things happen, we should be safe, and everything should be under control.

How about the right to carry a gun, especially at if it’s for self defense? The only problem is that looking for guns can be complicated so if you don’t know what your’re looking for, a gun that almost anybody can use are these 9mm Handguns, consider checking them out to find the perfect one for yourself.

Shamefully (but as expected) the gun ownership debate has been politicized – as are so many things in our country’s political system. There is an increase in mass killings (by people with mental illness and by just plain angry people). There also an increase in terrorism-related killings using guns.

I’ll leave the law making and/or enforcing aspects of what to do about it to others – politicians and advocacy groups.

However, small business owners and entrepreneurs should be ready (and have already started) to lend their expertise to solutions for more gun safety. Uber is solving our transportation problem. Apple solved our mobile needs. Google solved ou Internet search needs. Amazon solved our online shopping needs. Hulu solved our Friday evening entertainment needs. We have defliberators in airports and other public places. I’m sure we can find solutions to better gun safety. Gun safety is a great topic, but personally safety is more important, if you need ammo for your guns at a great price, you can check out his Bulk 9mm Luger Ammo for Sale.

A number of entrepreneurs are providing some solutions to a new type of gun and gun storage that might be smarter and safer and might prevent unauthorized shootings. In much the same way law enforcement uses an evidence locker to secure firearms and sensitive materials – small business owners are exploring ways to keep firearms safely secure on the premises while still allowing employees their right to bear arms at work.

Ways to track gun ownership, decide who should get a gun and who should not and other second amendment laws need to be figured out. We want to balance our important right to bear arms with our right to be safe from guns by those who want to use them to harm someone

Here’s a few gun safety mechanisms on the market and/or being developed now.

Fingerprint based locks – gun is only used when unlocked with a fingerprint (one resource – Identilock)


Amatix – Wrist watch RFID that unlocks gun only if owner is near

wrist watch rfid


The Gun Box – strore your gun in a protective case with advanced locking features

The Gun Box

Detect when someone is carrying a gun with Gun Detect. This camera detects the image of a gun and alerts you.

gun detect

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Ramon Ray, founder and editor Smart Hustle Magazine. Entrepreneur, best selling author and global keynote speaker.