New Fiverr Interview Shows Small Businesses How to Capitalize on the Freelance Trend

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New Fiverr Interview Shows Small Businesses How to Capitalize on the Freelance TrendHas your small business embraced the freelance trend yet? A recent survey found that over half of small businesses with ten or fewer employees had employed a freelance independent contractor or 1099 employee in the past year. With the number of freelancers predicted to reach 40 percent of the American workforce by 2020, the extent to which small business owners rely on freelance team members is sure to grow as well.

However, if more than half of small business owners are currently using freelancers, we could also flip the statistic and examine it from the other end – almost half of small business owners are not using freelancers. Some of the likely reasons include that they may not know where to find freelancers, how the small business-freelancer relationship works, or what the benefits are to their company.

We need to clear up this confusion right away because embracing the freelance trend can give your small business a competitive advantage.

On that note, I want to point you in the direction of my latest Smart Hustle interview with Constantine Anastasakis, the head of business development at Fiverr. Fiverr is an online platform that connects business owners who need specific tasks completed with talented freelancers who can do the work for a reasonable fee.

In this interview, we will clear up pretty much all the questions you have about using freelancers in general and the Fiverr platform specifically. The interview includes:

  • What is Fiverr?
  • How do you use the platform?
  • How does the Fiverr platform make the small business-freelance relationship safer?
  • How are small businesses using freelancers, including a fictitious example of how “Becky’s Bake Shop” could use freelancers to grow her business.
  • Tips for ensuring your freelance transactions go smoothly.
  • The benefits that using freelancers and independent contractors bring to small business owners.

Small businesses who embrace the freelance trend can get ahead because they can get more accomplished, develop a remote team of experts, and focus on their most important tasks – all without having to hire additional employees. There are several signs that this on-demand economy is the future of the American workforce. Don’t fall behind on the freelance trend – get informed and get ahead by listening to my interview here.

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