Smart Hustle Recap: Outsourcing 101, the Changing American Workforce + Taking Your Business from Hobby to Reality

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smart hustle recapWe are back for another week of the Smart Hustle Recap – recapping the best stories that have appeared on our sister publication, Smart Hustle Magazine, in the past week. This week we have three different styles of articles: an inspirational piece on making a full-time business out of your favorite hobby, a tip-based article to guide you in Outsourcing 101, and a news story about the on-demand economy and the government’s interest in reclassifying independent contractors. Check out the recaps below and click to explore your favorite topics.


Turning Your Hobby into a Business

They say you need to be passionate about your business to make it successful, but does this mean you can take something you enjoy as a hobby and turn it into a business idea? For the dreamers out there, we have a story of inspiration that proves you can. In this feature story, you’ll learn about Cassy Saba from Cassy Saba Jewelry. A bead kit she received at the age of 12 gave her the push to become a childhood entrepreneur and as a young adult she’s still hustling to make her dreams come true today. This story will provide inspiration to childhood dreams and smart hustling small business owners alike.

Click to read Cassy Saba Jewelry & the Journey from Childhood Hobby to Successful Business.

Who Is the On-Demand Economy – and Will the Government Step In?

Although the full time job is still the norm, a new group of workers called the on-demand economy or the gig economy is redefining how you can make a weekly paycheck. These workers are classified as independent contractors and you likely have experience with them in your small business – whether you have called an Uber driver to get a ride or have hired a freelancer to help you with small business tasks. A new Intuit survey is shedding light on who this group of workers is – but the on-demand economy is also catching the eye of the government, who is considering whether or not to reclassify independent contractors. Learn about this top small business news story here.

Click to read The On-Demand Economy & the Changing Face of the American Workforce.

Get Outsourcing Help in this Outsourcing 101 Guide

Outsourcing can help small business owners and solo entrepreneurs find the team of workers they need to execute small tasks and push the business forward – without the need to hire full-time staff. If you need help leveraging the power of outsourced work, check out this Outsourcing 101 guide that looks at four strategies that can make outsourcing work for your small business.

Click to read Outsourcing 101: Find the Right Partners to Help Build a Business.

There you have it, the top Smart Hustle articles from the week of February 7-13. Stay informed by clicking to read one of the articles above, or check out the homepage to read other recent stories.

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