10 Solutions for Payroll That Will Make Your Life Easier

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payrollWhat platform does your company use for payroll and why do you like it?

The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. If you need a quicker way to manage your payments, then try out this payroll software.

1. ADP

Torrey TayenakaWe currently use ADP for our payroll. It’s not the cheapest on the market, but it sure is the easiest. We don’t deal with deductions, taxes, filing, etc. Everything is taken care of. We just click one button every two weeks.

– Torrey TayenakaSparkhouse

2. Local Services

Travis SmithWe use Horizon Payroll Solutions out of Dayton, OH. I highly recommend them. They have been fantastic to work with. We have a dedicated representative who is top notch and is a phone call or email away at any time. With local and state taxes/laws constantly changing, I always suggest considering a company that is local and understands your business environment. Not to mention, they’re usually inexpensive.

Travis SmithV.I.P. Waste Services, LLC

3. Zenefits

Mitch GordonWe use Zenefits as our health insurance broker, vacation time tracker, employee onboarding and for payroll and independent contractors. It’s an incredibly useful platform that dramatically reduces my daily tasks as a founder. I’d highly recommend Zenefits. The above said, they’re a startup as well and I’ve noticed they’re going through some growing pains at times. Still, I highly recommend them.

– Mitch GordonGo Overseas

4. TriNet

Kim KaupeI couldn’t be more impressed with TriNet. Payroll is seamless, and inputting changes such as vacation days, bonuses and overtime is quick and easy. They also have an app for employees to view where they stand whether it is personal days left to use or their insurance co-pay for the month. We’ve explored other benefit companies, but, for a founder, this is the easiest by far!

– Kim KaupeZinePak

5. Intuit Payroll

Piyush JainWe have used Intuit Payroll for the last five years. It integrates with our bank and accounting software as well. It can do both W2 and 1099 payments along with reimbursement. We can also file quarterly and monthly payroll reports. It is very inexpensive and charges only $2/month for additional employees. It also has the online paystub option. It’s designed for small businesses, so we can easily scale up or down.

– Piyush JainSIMpalm

6. FreshBooks

Andrew SchrageFreshBooks is simple to use, especially for those who aren’t experts in accounting. Also, our virtual workers can easily submit their invoices for payment. It helps us save time and stay organized, allowing us to focus more time on other important parts of our business.

– Andrew SchrageMoney Crashers Personal Finance

7. Gusto

Rachel RodgersGusto (formerly ZenPayroll) makes everything simple and streamlined. Payroll takes a matter of minutes and their customer support is amazing. They offer all the bells and whistles of more expensive services but at very cost-effective rates. Gusto takes all the stress out of payroll so we can focus on serving our customers and building the business.

– Rachel RodgersRachel Rodgers Law Office

8. Namely

Miles JenningsWhen looking for a brand new platform for any facet of our company, we always tend to look for those that bundle multiple assets into one system. With Namely, we can not only utilize a full-service payroll system that is easy to use and integrate with our existing systems, but we can also upgrade our talent management and benefits strategies. Namely offers all of these services in one!

– Miles JenningsRecruiter.com

9. Paychex

Vladimir GendelmanPaychex is a cost-effective, easy-to-use payroll platform. Our time clock automatically sends information to Paychex, which also administers our health insurance and worker’s compensation, making it extremely convenient to input employee data. Paychex is also tech savvy, with direct deposit options and records accessible online. We’ve never had a single problem with this reliable platform.

– Vladimir GendelmanCompany Folders, Inc

10. Employers Resource

Brandon StapperWe use Employers Resource because I have a personal account representative there that responds to my calls/emails in minutes. ER does more than just payroll; they handle all of our HR, including coming on-site if we have a big hire or termination to make sure everything goes smoothly. All of this coverage is $15 dollars per employee, per paycheck.

– Brandon Stapper858 Graphics

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