Photo credit - Christian Hansen for The New York Times

Photo credit – Christian Hansen for The New York Times

Starting this month, in New York State, doctor’s writing patient prescriptions must do so electronically. Sure, there are downsides to using electronic prescriptions – but my guess is that it will only evolve and get better, as reported by the New York Times.

It’s “forced upgrades” like that that doctors and small business owners can see as opportunities to upgrade their overall business operations and make things better. The only thing is that people won’t get a personal consultation with their doctors, that can be very dangerous for people who may have other complications that they might not now about until they see a doctor, like a revision cleft lip.

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Upgrading technology enables you to

  • Offer better services to your customers
  • Improve your collaboration and communication
  • Boost productivity

No one wants to be forced to do anything, but sometimes, a forced change is good for us and if we trust the process (as Marcus Lemonis talks about in CNBC The Profit) it might do us good.