Smart Hustle Recap: Small Biz Success Story, Ways to Increase Profit & Cloud Security Tips

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Smart Hustle Recap: Small Biz Success Story, Ways to Increase Profit & Cloud Security TipsWe started the Smart Hustle Recap just over a month ago as a way to give busy small business owners a quick way to satisfy their needs for small biz advice and inspiration. Instead of exploring websites to find important small business stories, you can stay up-to-date with our Monday recap of the very best small business stories from our sister publication, Smart Hustle. Today you’re in for some real inspiration when you hear about the story of Hannah Perry who turned $15 into amazing small biz success. We also have tips for becoming more profitable and for keeping your cloud-based data safe. Let’s get right to it.


Small Biz Success Story – Hannah Perry of the Giggling Pig

Small business is the engine that drives America’s economic progress, and it’s no secret that people come from other countries in search of the American Dream. In this inspirational story you’ll learn about Hannah Perry, who came to the United States from England with just $15 in her pocket to last her a week. Life was tough but she struggled and found success with her children’s art and after-school studio called Giggling Pig. In this article you can learn about her recipe for success and business advice, plus watch the video interview.

Click to read How Hannah Perry of the Giggling Pig Turned $15 Into Small Business Success.

5 Tips to Become More Profitable

As an entrepreneur, profit is one of your main goals; however, there are many ways you can unknowingly let that profit fall through the cracks. This article has five tips that will improve your profit by filling those cracks, careful planning, and developing healthy financial habits.

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Cloud Security Tips

These days 77 percent of business owners are using cloud technology. Cloud software and apps feature benefits such as easy access to business data on the go – however, with that convenience come additional security risks. If you use cloud technology in your business, you’ll want to check out this must-read article that covers 5 important things you should do to increase the security of the business and customer data you store in the cloud.

Click to read 5 Security Tips to Keep Your Business Data Safe in the Cloud.

So what are you looking for this week – perhaps inspiration for your small business journey, financial tips, or cloud security strategies? Explore the articles above, plus check out Smart Hustle for more important small business information.

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