Business Owners As Publishers and Producers Not Salesmen: Learn from Donald Trump and #AskGaryVee

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Ramon Ray - BE

Traditionally, the way to get press and publicity was that a journalist or producer or some other gate keeper would deem your business worthy to be covered.

Donald Trump is one of the first candidates where media (CNN, Fox and MSNBC) beg him to be on their shows and not the other way around.

Sure – he has an organic HUGE following due to his TV show, The Apprentice and due to the Trump brand overall.

However, he’s build up a surge of followers (and haters) by just being himself and using social media (and main stream media) as a powerful communication tool. Well there is lot of information about tools at bridge.

Mr. Tump’s political candidacy is an example that shows, instead of waiting for the media and hoping they give you attention, that you can create your own story and be “the media”, as reported by the New York Times.

Several months ago Gene Marks, Brent Leary and myself started a show, 3TechGuys – we didn’t wait for someone to anoint us – we just did it. It ended up being syndicated to Fox Business.

Of course there’s many successful “Youtube” stars who are rocking their own shows as well.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s #AskGaryVee reaches thousands (like hundreds of thousands?) of readers every week and he’s turned this into a best seller – by far.

Dear small business owner focus on educating your customers, focus on building tribes.

Invest in education and sales will come. If you invest in sales – sales might not come.

While sales are important, what’s more important is to build trust with a community of potential customers. What’s more important is to build a TRIBE of fans – you only need a small percent to buy from you.

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