Greg Waldorf of Invoice2Go on Why You Need to Switch to Invoicing Technology Today

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Invoice2Go - Why You Need to Switch to Invoicing Technology TodayInvoicing is an important aspect of running a business, especially small businesses that are all about cash flow. So why, in an era where technological solutions are abundant, are so many small business owners still using Excel or Word templates for invoicing, or running to Staples to get invoice books? This was the main question addressed in one of my most recent interviews, a discussion with Greg Waldorf, CEO of the app Invoice2Go. During the interview, Greg explained what is holding small businesses back from using invoicing technology and why they need to make the switch today.

Why Is Invoicing a Challenge?

As Greg mentions in the interview, many small business owners are still using traditional methods of invoicing, like invoice books and computer files. Sure, these methods will get the job done, but small business owners often feel overwhelmed and disorganized.

It’s not just about the method of preparing an invoice either. The problem goes deeper, into how you accept payment on your invoices with this automatic invoice generator to get organized.  “People forget, small businesses in the U.S. are driving in their cars to pick up checks,” says Greg. “Something is wrong with that in 2016. You shouldn’t need to be driving to pick up a check.”

So why are so many small business owners using dated invoicing methods when invoicing technology is readily available? Greg says that it’s because small business owners are simply very busy people. They feel pressure to make improvements in so many areas of their business that it’s hard to choose what to start with, and even harder to get started TODAY.

Why You Should Switch to Invoicing Technology Today

“I wish I had done that sooner.”

That’s the feedback Greg gets from new small business owners who have made the switch to Invoice2Go. He says that it’s not hard to convince people that there are better invoicing solutions. Small business owners know there must be a better way of invoicing because they feel disorganized all the time and particularly stressed at tax time. Invoice2Go has made it their mission to make it easy to switch to invoicing technology TODAY.

Invoice2Go is an app that includes a free trial. Simply visit the app store on your phone to download the app. During the free trial, you can explore how Invoice2Go works. As Greg mentions, the system is so simple that you will be ready to send invoices in minutes. Small business owners also use their free trial to send test invoices to themselves and to set up invoices that will look similar to their current invoices.

Beyond the simplicity of Invoice2Go, there are several benefits of switching to invoicing technology:

  • The ability to quickly send invoices, no matter where you are, right from your mobile device.
  • The peace of mind knowing that the work is done, the invoice has been sent, and you are closer to getting paid.
  • Not being held back because you don’t have access to physical or computer invoice files.
  • The ability to accept credit card payments and electronic transfers.
  • Better organization of invoices, which is particularly helpful at tax time.
  • The ability to present a more professional appearance of your business.

There are many invoicing technology options on the market, but what makes Invoice2Go special is their dedication to small business owners. With it, you can create an invoice that gets you paid easily and seamlessly. The company has found its “sweet spot” working with small businesses and they have no plans to move out of the small business space. Invoice2Go’s niche is solving the invoicing problems of small business owners, so they have developed solutions specifically for you.

In the end, Greg’s main piece of advice is to make the switch TODAY. “Just do it today. Don’t do it tomorrow or the next day. You’ll be really happy with how much more organized you feel. You will feel so much better about your business.”

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