Why Your Business Gets Hacked? 3 Tips To Help Be More Secure.

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Security is so important for businesses – especially small businesses. While you don’t need to be an “expert” on security you do need to ensure your business is PROTECTED from hackers, malware and all other digital threats to your business.

In partnership with Bitdefender, there’s a few things EVERY business owner can and must do to be better secure.

It seems like the only thing important for small business owners is “social media”. Everybody’s talking about Facebook, Twitter or SnapChat. One of the topics few small business owners are really paying attention to, but that is SO, SO important is security.

If you spend time just marketing, but not securing your business -you won’t have a business.

Indeed hackers are attacking LARGE companies, but they’re also going right after very small businesses.

They know that you have few resources, little time and hardly any expertise to be secure. In fact some of the big business attacks have come through their small business vendors. Like a copy repair technician or cash machine vendor (a small business) who plugged into the big company’s network. The small business vendor was not secure.

I encourage you to check out Bitdefender’s web site for security resources and tools you can use to be more secure.

Below is a review of BitDefender and how it can help your business.

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