Canva Presentations Launches. Is It Time To Ditch Microsoft PowerPoint?

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canva ppt

I’ve used Canva for several months. It’s a powerful design tool to create images/designs for your blog, social media and more.

Google Docs has been offering presentations for some time, Prezi just launched Prezi for business and now Canva enables design creation as well. Of course Microsoft Sway is an online presentation tool as well.

So, is it time to consider using a lighter and online tool to create your next presentation?

I’ve used Microsoft Power Point for years, it’s feature rich, compatible with most every computer and is a staple of just about every presenter.

However, if you want something light (and often free) and that’s built online – something other than Microsoft Power Point might b e good for you.

For me, I’m so used to Microsoft Power Point and like it’s outline and text based format, versus, a more visual and graphic format that some of the other tools have.

I’ll continue to use Microsoft Power Point – but hey – maybe one of the other tools could work for you.

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