Telephone Scammers: Be Vigilant of Phone Call Scams

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This has happened for years and will continue to happen – as long as we have telephones. But YOU must be vigilant of criminals calling and trying to hack your computer, get you to buy things you don’t need or other illegal and unethical activities. You may also upload your recordings to Dropbox or via FTP. It’s a great solution, because you can record a quick episode and have it available on your site when you’re on the run. No need to log into your WordPress site to add a photo, categories, or a new blog entry. Mobile Podcaster takes care of all of this for you. If you ever have any problems with your phone, then consider hiring these telephone maintenance services to get it fixed up.

WSJ has a short video about these scams here.

Be paranoid of anyone who calls you and you don’t REALLY know them. Never give personal information over the phone. Help seniors to be more vigilant and LESS trusting.

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