13 Pieces of Software That Make Hiring Easy

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What is your favorite software for recruiting/applicant tracking and why?

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1. Recruiterbox

Fan BiWe use Recruiterbox and are very happy with it. We used to keep everything in Gmail tabs and Excel, but Recruiterbox offers a free version which has plenty of functionality for us. You can easily add tabs to applicants, message them, and track their stage through the interview process.

– Fan BiBlank Label

2. Podio

Duran InciWe use Podio as our internal project management system. We created an extension within Podio where all the applications for specific positions come in and go through a processing funnel. We review them, tag them, rate them and the ones we interview are followed up with via this system. It’s a bit customized for our purposes, but it works great for us since nothing is hard-coded.

– Duran Inci, Optimum7

3. Salesforce

David CiccarelliWhen people think of Salesforce, they likely think of sales or customer service. What may be new to some is the AppExchange, an app store for Salesforce apps. It’s where I discovered that we could install apps for a variety of business functions, with many of them being free. One of our favorites is the Recruiting app. It took a lot of the guesswork out of standardizing our hiring process.

– David

4. JobDiva

Angela RuthJobDiva is a web-based applicant tracking and sourcing tool with automated resume harvesting, synchronization with major job boards, and a vendor management system. It is also compatible with mobile devices and offers features like “Resume Search for Skills By Years of Experience,” greatly reducing the amount of work it takes to get through a stack of potential candidates.

– Angela RutheCash


Andrew KucheriavyWe use to track all of our potential recruits. Jazz makes it simple to access resumes, cover letters, contact information, and other fields that are automatically populated when a candidate applies on our website or from a job board. You can sort and rate candidates and even sync with your calendar to set up calls and interviews.

– Andrew KucheriavyIntechnic

6. Connectifier

Peggy ShellConnectifier arms our recruiters with access to candidates who have not only created an active LinkedIn profile, but anyone who has a digital footprint at all. Connectifier aggregates data from all over the web to create profiles, capture their personal contact information, and import it directly into our ATS. Surprisingly, it consistently produces different search results than LinkedIn Recruiter.

– Peggy Shell, Creative Alignments

7. Proposify

Nathan HalePropisify was originally developed for design and development companies to send proposals to their potential clients. Fortunately, it is very easy to use the system to track contracts with potential hires. This is especially effective for a growing company that has multiple contracts in the wild with applicants who may or may not be proactive in reviewing and agreeing to employment terms.

– Nathan Hale, First American Merchant

8. Workable

Erik ReaganWorkable has features you’d probably expect in just about any applicant tracking system, but the one that was most helpful to us was the ability to customize the hiring process itself. Rather than forcing us into a process they’ve designed, we’re able to tell the system what our process and stages are. This has helped us tremendously.

– Erik Reagan, Focus Lab, LLC

9. Hireology

Nick FriedmanThe one we use is Hireology, because it is affordable and it replaces emails and spreadsheets with an applicant tracking system. From writing great job descriptions and posting to multiple job boards, it shortens the manual work to recruit new team members. You can also create custom questionnaires and personality tests that rank the applicants and keeps all information in one place

– Nick FriedmanCollege Hunks Hauling Junk

10. Lever

jeff epsteinWe use Lever and love it. It allows multiple stakeholders to manage applicants and automates many of the menial tasks around recruitment and communication. I highly recommend it.

– Jeff EpsteinAmbassador

11. Greenhouse

Bhavin ParikhGreenhouse’s system focuses not only on the technology, but also on the process of hiring. They want you to be better at hiring. With their system, we’ve been able to remove some bias from our process. For example, they encourage us to use consistent scorecards for every interviewer and applicant. They also have integrations with other recruiting sites like Hired and Angel List.

– Bhavin Parikh, Magoosh Inc

12. Workday

Cody McLainWe run a pretty tight ship at SupportNinja, so I need to make sure that I can effectively fill positions, organise my local team, and pay my global teams. I’ve tried a lot of various ways to do it, but very few offer a “hire-to-retire” lifecycle that provides planning analytics, time tracking, recruiting, HRM and payroll solutions like Workday.

– Cody McLain, SupportNinja

13. HelloHired

James SimpsonHelloHired is a fairly new entrant, but we’ve been using them since their beta and love the simplicity and focus on design. Not only do you have access to applicant tracking tools on the backend, but you also get a wonderfully designed (and customizable) landing page to outline all of your open positions.

– James SimpsonGoldFire Studios

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