Smart Hustle Recap: Biz Expert Tips on Video Marketing, Time Management & More

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Smart Hustle Recap: Biz Expert Tips on Video Marketing, Time Management & MoreIf you run a blog on your own business website, you know how much work goes into keeping the blog updated. At Smart Hustle, we are happy to have an excellent team who can help make that happen. In addition to our own writers, we accept contributions from readers and also have a pool of business experts who periodically share advice with the Smart Hustle audience. In this Smart Hustle Recap, we are featuring three recent articles from some of our favorite biz experts: video marketing expert Roberto Blake, productivity expert Hugh Culver, and all-around business guru Megan Totka who is the Chief Editor for


10 Biz Expert Tips on Video Marketing

Video marketing is a hot topic right now, and we know that many small business owners are eager to hop aboard the trend but are not sure how to get started. In this article, marketing expert Roberto Blake shares some of his best tips. His advice will answer all of your most frequently asked questions, including what sort of video content should you create, how to tie it in with your website and blog, and how to use video to generate leads and grow your list.

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Biz Expert Tips for Time Management

Do you ever feel like there are never enough hours in the day? That distractions are eating into your productivity, and you’re always a few steps behind where you’d like to be? In this article, productivity expert Hugh Culver argues that how you manage your time is tied to the stories you tell yourself about time. In a three-step process, he’ll walk you through admitting that you make up stories, changing those stories, and then making them stick so you can get more out of every workday.

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Biz Expert Tips for Small Business Blogs

A blog can be the key to getting more business, closing more deals, and generating more leads. However, as a busy small business owner, you might wonder if it’s a good area to focus your efforts. In this article, biz expert Megan Totka shares three important ways that a blog can help your small business. Before you officially say “no” to blogging, you definitely need to read this article.

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If you like biz expert articles like the ones you see above, stay tuned because Smart Hustle has been reaching out to more biz experts for contributions and we are going to start sharing at least one each week on!

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