Smart Hustle Recap: The Power of Business Mentorship

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SH Recap: The Power of Business MentorshipWhen you read about successful entrepreneurs, one of the most common themes you’ll hear time and time again is the importance of having a mentor. Smart people know they can’t do it all on their own, and mentorship offers them the opportunity to talk through ideas, get feedback, and learn from those who have been down the path before them. In this Smart Hustle Recap, we are stressing the importance of mentorship by sharing two recent articles on the topic. We also have a blog post on business growth advice, and a rare, personal look at Smart Hustle Editor Ramon Ray.


Benefits of Mentorship for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you are already quite busy. Should you make time for mentorship? Is it really that important? If you want to succeed, the answer is yes. This article shares three important areas where a business mentor can help you learn and grow – a true eye opener for those of us who tend to do things on our own.

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Tips for Attracting Mentors

A mentor is typically someone who is a ‘step ahead’ of you in the business world – they’ve been through it all and have lived to tell the tale. But how can you appeal to someone who is obviously very busy and get them to share their time and experience with you? The answer is by being a good mentee. In this article, guest contributor Ella Rucker shares five ways you can become a mentee that your ideal mentor cannot refuse.

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Business Growth Tips from

Glambitious I Am is an innovative network for female entrepreneurs who have a diverse set of professional experiences and are eager to share their advice with others. In this article, six members of the “Glambitious Power Circle” contributed their top tips for business growth. It’s no surprise that mentorship made the list (“Join a Group of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs” and “Find an Accountability Partner”), but to see what else made the list, you’ll have to read the full article.

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An Inside Look at Entrepreneur Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray, Editor of Smart Hustle Magazine, is used to being the one who interviews others. In this twist, Ramon finds himself at the other end of the interview table! Zev Asch, President of Ledaza, sits down with Ramon to ask him about his entrepreneurial journey and other personal questions, like his biggest wins and mistakes, and who inspires him the most.

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The four articles listed above all have a common theme: mentorship. Having other entrepreneurs around you who inspire and push you is an important part of running a small business. In fact, we felt so strongly about this that we created the Smart Hustle Community to help business owners network and learn from each other! Check out the community here, and for more great articles, head over to

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