Smart Hustle Recap: Tips for Stronger Small Business Relationships

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Smart Hustle Recap: Tips for Stronger Small Business RelationshipsIn a sense, a small business owner is only as successful as the relationships he or she builds. There are relationships with customers, with business colleagues, with contractors, and with employees – and should any of these relationships fall apart, the fate of the business is in jeopardy. In this edition of the Smart Hustle Recap, we will feature a variety of articles that will help you build stronger relationships.

Better Business Networking

Networking is a vital part of small business success because you never know where a new connection will lead you. As guest contributor, Jen Slaw, says, “Our connections will become our clients, team members, strategic partners, mentors, and advisors.” By networking, you can form relationships that will better your business. If networking isn’t your thing, take a look at this article. Jen Slaw is sharing five things you can do to immediately expand your business network.

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Relationships with Contractors

No matter how hard you try, you can’t do it all yourself, small business owner; you will occasionally come across tasks that are better handled by an expert rather than using a DIY approach. One such example is app development. More and more small businesses are understanding the benefits of creating their own app, but lacking knowledge of coding and design requires them to hire out. This article can help you form a better relationship with your app developer so you can clearly communicate your needs and help to create a stunning end product.

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Social Media Relationships

Social media is an ideal place to cultivate your relationships with your customers, and no one knows more about this subject than Ted Rubin, the Chief Marketing Officer of Brand Innovators and creator of the concept “return on relationships.” In this article, Ted offers tips to help you make better digital connections using social media.

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Bonus Article: Workplace & Employee Relationships

Forming strong relationships with employees involves creating a culture within your small business where team members know they are valued and love to come to work. To create a better workplace environment, check out this article by guest author Randy Stocklin, the founder of One Click which was named one of Inc. Magazine’s 50 Places to work in 2016. Randy is sharing four tips that will help you build stronger relationships and culture in your business.

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So how are you doing on relationship management in your small business? Check out the articles above to get help in these specific areas! You can also get more advice at – or spark up new relationships with your business peers by joining the Smart Hustle Community.

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