5 Tools To Help You Get the Most Work Done

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Being a digital marketer can have different meanings. You can be a content marketer, a social media expert, search engine optimization manager, a campaign marketer… The list goes on. But what’s the one thing we all have in common, regardless of our role? The need to multitask between specialties. A lot.

Sometimes there’s so much to do, and so many hats to wear that I’ve found myself wishing for more hours in the day. So how can we get the most work done without losing your bearings? Easy. By stocking an arsenal of reliable productivity tools.

Here’s a few.

Todoist: one tool to rule them all

Why use ten tools when one integrates them all? Todoist carries over 10+ integrations across different platforms. This lets you manage tasks and projects anywhere, anytime inside a single app. Online or offline.

Asana: keep all of your tasks in one place

Our team loves to keep their to-do lists in a single place. Having a holistic overview of all the things you need to do (personal and professional) is one of the best ways we’ve found to our manage time. Keep those lists is Asana. It works great for teams and individuals. It also has amazing integrations that help you improve your workflow.

SaneBox: keep a sane mind

Achieving “inbox zero” might seem hardcore, because not a lot of people have the tenacity to follow through. Because staying organized requires focus and dedication, especially if you’re subscribed to tons of newsletters like me. (I have a serious case of FOMO.) SaneBox, like the name suggests, keeps your mind sane by cleaning your inbox and snoozing emails for later.

Feedly: find the best content

Reading and browsing for inspiration are some of my favorite things to do. Whether it’s on Pocket or my Twitter feed. The downside? Finding great content can be difficult if you don’t have an enterprise content management system. That’s why Feedly is my go-to source. It allows me to carefully curate lists based on my interests—making the process of discovering, reading, and monitoring content a simple task in my daily routine.

Hootsuite: monitor your brand

Monitoring your brand is a big part of managing how people perceive your company. Need help with that? Enter Hootsuite. This tool lets you view several social media streams at the same time. From mentions, to direct messages, to scheduled tweets—Making it awesome for a social media team, customer success departments, and support channels.

My favorite feature? Bulk uploads. Being able to upload tweets for several different purposes is very helpful. Mostly because we can take care of that task at the beginning of the week and not worry about it until the next. Saving a lot of time.

Next steps:

Let’s be honest, multitasking is innate to our career as digital marketers. Tools can help. Your challenge? Setting goals, getting organized, and making these tools work for you.

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