Social Bots

Facebook Messenger enables you to have pre-programmed bots to answer and interact with customers. Twitter now enables bots as a form of customer service. If you have very low customer engagement a bot might not be worth it for you, however, as you have an increasingly engaged customer base being able to service them is important.

Bots can help you do this.

Cnet writes, “In April, Facebook unveiled a big bet on bots, which are software powered by artificial intelligence that can perform simple tasks, like routine customer service queries. Facebook‘s bot army is mostly focused on its Messenger app.”

If you have customers who are very engaged social, speak to a local (or national) digital marketing consultant that has developed bots for others. Beyond knowing the costs to develop a bot for your particular needs, understand the best practices in using one for your business. Also be sure to TEST it out with a subset of customers to be sure it’s meeting their needs.