7 Ways Your Business Can Generate Leads

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You’ve sent out mailers, printed flyers and posted on social media, yet you aren’t getting the leads you need to grow your business.  If it feels like you’ve exhausted every attempt, don’t worry.  There are countless ways to generate qualified leads that will turn into conversions.  Here are 7 highly effective strategies you can use to quickly generate leads.



These are great for B2B companies or businesses that work in a technical space where people love to read more and gain knowledge about their industry. Remember that it’s crucial that you write about things other than your products and services. People do not like to be sold, but instead, prefer to be informed. Write from a neutral perspective and give insight about current events or other relevant, engaging content. Share your eBook on social media and your network can share it for you.


When you build your eBook, ensure your landing page is set up where visitors are required to share their name, phone number, and an email address for the chance to download the eBook.



If you don’t have a newsletter yet, you are missing out on one of the easiest ways to generate more leads. Put a newsletter sign up in multiple locations on your website to grow your email list.


A great thing about your newsletter is that you have a captive audience since the recipients choose to receive it. Email pathways are also a great way to avoid getting lost in the noise of the Internet.  Don’t make the newsletter all about your business – share your insights and other industry-related and helpful information with your audience.



A blog is one of the best lead generating tools a business can use, yet many fail to understand the importance of it. It allows a company (the writer) to have complete control of what is said and the opportunity to have the undivided attention of the audience. It’s essential to find ways to drive action and measurably grow business outcomes.


Add a section to the blog where readers can sign up for your newsletter and use the margins to promote your products and services.  Share links to the blog on your social platforms – this is one of many ways social media can benefit your business.  Remember, don’t make the blog all about you – instead, share valuable content with your audience.


Networking events.

A lot of action happens in the digital world, but the real world has its advantages, no doubt. Networking events – even those that may not pertain directly to your business – can provide you with valuable leads. Attend so you can meet new contacts, expand your network, and gain referrals.  Events are also a great way to build your brand.  Don’t forget to pass out your business cards!



Infographics have been used a lot, but people still share them and stop to read them when they are able.  They aren’t expensive to produce either. You need to start by coming up with an original idea that isn’t about you, then hire a quality graphic designer, and share the finished infographic socially so your network can pass it along.  You should also submit infographics to publications that cover your industry.


Make sure to put your logo and website URL on the infographic so readers will see it and can visit your site.


Strong branding.

Customers want to support authentic companies and prefer that a company have a strong message that’s consistent across all of their platforms.  Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Be who you are.  Customers want experts and want to support the business that is the best in the industry. Focus on communicating that through your strong branding to make your conversion rates go up.



Many business owners are familiar with the common ways to generate leads online and are used to navigating those platforms. There are countless ways to build relationships, boost exposure, and increase interest – probably even ways that you have yet to try. The key to generating leads is to act consistently and work to provide relevant information to your audience instead of just trying to sell them.


What other methods work well when it comes to generating leads?

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