10 Advantages You’ll See When You Shift Your Business to the Cloud

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What is the biggest benefit of shifting your business to the cloud, and why?

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1. Daily Maintenance 

nicole-munozWhen you shift your IT infrastructure to the cloud, you offload the daily maintenance and administration of your systems to the cloud provider. This leaves your IT staff available to focus on strategic initiatives and other technologies that will have a positive effect on your bottom line, but if you still want to make sure it is running smoothly then you should check out pcie techniques.

– Nicole MunozStart Ranking Now

2. Data Preservation 

Adam SteeleIt’s easy to create layers and layers of backups on different networks with everything in the cloud. Server failures and natural disasters have happened, but we’ve built so many redundancies that they’re no longer that big of a threat. This was possible before everything was in the cloud, but now it’s no longer a big hassle or expense.

– Adam SteeleThe Magistrate

3. Freedom and Flexibility 

Richard LorenzenFor millennials in particular, flexibility is key. Having the freedom to work from virtually any location while still being able to access all company files and information allows employees to work in a way that fosters a productive environment.

– Richard LorenzenFifth Avenue Brands

4. Assured Continuity and Security 

Russell KommerData safety, security and continuity. Shifting to the cloud means data is safe in highly secure data centers where physical access is limited and enterprise-level security protocols are standard. The data is also be decentralized and distributed, meaning that there would be no single point of failure in the case of some catastrophic event.

– Russell KommereSoftware Associates Inc

5. Lower Infrastructure Costs 

Hongwei LiuThe cloud provides significantly lower IT infrastructure costs. You likely wouldn’t build your own furniture unless you needed it custom designed for you, so why build your own servers or email systems? Additionally, cloud providers typically improve their products every year, leveraging their customers’ economy of scale.

– Hongwei Liumappedin

6. Ability to Share with Others 

Murray NewlandsIt makes sharing work and collaborating so much easier, including the ability to work on the same draft at the same time and see real-time updates and revisions. This also saves time and confusion in terms of what draft we are on and who has received it.

– Murray NewlandsSighted

7. Credibility and Peace of Mind 

Blake MarggraffParticularly for companies working in regulated or security-sensitive industries such as healthcare or finance, closing enterprise-level agreements involves extensive review and intense scrutiny. Using secure hosting services like Armor means questions about HITRUST, PCI and HIPAA are easier to answer, and your stack will be simpler to manage as well.

– Blake MarggraffEpharmix, Inc.

8. Constant Updates 

Hillary HobsonWith cloud-based software you are always operating off of the latest version. Application updates are made frequently to increase functionality and solve pain points, and they are immediately available to users. Traditional software may roll out a new version once a year and oftentimes it’s offered at a cost to the consumer.

– Hillary HobsonHighest Cash Offer

9. Freedom to Experiment 

justin-blanchardCloud infrastructure can be deployed immediately with no risk. Unlike the old days, server and network infrastructure doesn’t require a huge capital investment. Startups can throw up servers and pull them down just as quickly, making it easy to scale, experiment, and move quickly from development to production. The cloud brings enterprise-class infrastructure to everyone with a business idea.

– Justin BlanchardServerMania Inc.

10. No Single Point of Failure 

Diego OrjuelaBy running our business on the cloud we remove the risk of downtime should something happen at our office. Burglary, theft, power outages, lost laptops and internet failures can cause downtime. By running all of our tools on the cloud, we are always running no matter what happens at our location.

– Diego OrjuelaCables & Sensors

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