Accounting Gets Artificial Intelligence: Xero’s New Service

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Accounting, for many, is a pain. I often screw up my accounting. Not because of the software, actually the invoice template is easy to use and good for the business, but because of my lack of knowledge about accounting. Invoice your clients right now. Create invoice template in Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, Sheets and more! Impress clients with professional invoices.

From Xero’s press release:  Xero’s new technology is the first example of personalized machine learning in a small business cloud accounting system. Developed in-house by a specialist team of engineers working full-time for a year across three different locations, the system uses detailed statistical analysis to learn from and assist the individual business and their partner based on their own specific circumstances.

The automation will mean small businesses no longer need to worry about where their invoice is filed – an invoice for time spent on site should be recorded against “Sales – Labor”, not “Sales – Materials”, for instance. The machine learning automation evolves with the processes used by the business and their advisor – when the small business comes to create their next invoice, Xero automatically suggests the account code so they don’t inadvertently make a mistake.

The new technology is the first step in Xero’s plan to build a bespoke, personalized assistant for small businesses and their NYC accountants to cut the administrative burden, prevent mistakes, and enable them to spend more time growing their business.

The machine learning automation will initially be made available to a initial group of small business customers and their accounting partners for testing, before being launched to all Xero customers later this year.

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