3 Website Optimization Techniques for Maximizing Sales

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Website optimization is a big deal. You need great content, stellar landing pages, spectacular on-site SEO, a plethora of inbound and outbound links, a memorable user-experience, intuitive navigational elements; the list goes on and on.

But website optimization isn’t just about great content and top-notch SEO.

There are plenty of components that business owners and marketers overlook when optimizing various pages as they have been programmed to look at a specific set of needs, effectively ignoring fruitful areas of potential.

Today, instead of diving into the more run-of-the-mill website optimization tools that you have probably read about a thousand times before, we are bringing you some powerful and less-obvious utilities that will help your site reach new levels of operational success.

Gain New Referrals via Existing Customers

Although most are not fully aware, the opinions of our peers have a dramatic impact on how we perceive products, services, and even other people. And that is the exact philosophy behind referral marketing.

Referral marketing is the method of promoting a company’s offerings to new consumers through word-of-mouth recommendations. Harvard Business Review defines referral marketing as, “. . . the science of converting a customer’s social capital into a brand’s economic capital.”

Gaining new referrals is achieved through a set of incentivized processes that promote consumer advocacy as a means to drive brand growth.

This entire premise is built on the foundation of providing excellent customer experiences; the very backbone of marketing today. Achieving this allows a brand to engage a customer’s sentiment for the company and leverage the advocacy opportunities available by incentivizing the customer to bring a friend, family member, or acquaintance into the company’s marketing funnel.

If this sounds too easy or unrealistic, consider that a 2015 Texas Tech University study uncovered that 83% of people are likely to share a company’s offering after a satisfactory encounter. In reality, however, only 29% follow through with the recommendation. This means roughly that 45% of your customer base wants to share their story, they just can’t find the opportunity.

That is what referral marketing provides them.

A recent Heinz Marketing report proves this thesis by displaying that companies that implemented referral programs experienced 86% more revenue growth than those who have not.

Setting up a referral marketing program is easy when you leverage seasoned services like RewardStream.

This platform hosts a brand’s referral program and customers can refer friends through email, social media, texting, and in-person conversations. When a new consumer is driven to take an action on your site, RewardStream automatically provides the referrer a reward.

They also provides businesses with detailed analytics to understand how the program is adding value to the business and its customer base. This type of marketing initiative is perfect for nearly all brands, especially those in the ecommerce or B2B spaces.

Drive Consumers Actions with the Right Messages

All of your marketing efforts have a single goal: Bring potential customers into your sales funnel by using local optimization strategy for a lead gen.

In order to get consumers to enter voluntarily, you must invite them to take an action that resonates with their wants or needs. These are called calls-to-action (CTA) and commonly appear in emails and on websites in the form of buttons that read “Buy Now,” “Download,” “Subscribe,” and similar phrases.

Unfortunately, the above noted CTA examples aren’t all that effective. The key to successfully getting consumers to act is to offer them something instead of asking them for something.

Additionally, your CTA button should possess a certain level of visual appeal and make its offer crystal clear.

Many marketers and business owners fail at this juncture and deploy multiple CTAs instead. But one powerful CTA is better than many lackluster ones as this removes additional choices; more choices are proven to lead to less action.

In order to employ effective, compelling CTAs,check out MaxButtons if you’re a WordPress user.

This WordPress button generator touts over 5,000 pre-existing CTA buttons and also houses over 35,000 free curated icons. What makes this tool especially useful is its simplicity and dynamic nature.

MaxButtons requires zero knowledge of coding principals, allowing both veteran and novice WordPress users to leverage its offerings. Additionally, the buttons available on this platform feature a responsive design and will accommodate users of any device.

MaxButtons also offers a variety of social media buttons to boost your social followings and allow visitors to easily share materials with their audiences. Since MaxButtons can integrate with a variety of services, its usefulness and potential for prosperous outcomes is far reaching.

Acquire Mobile Downloads through Mobile Marketing

Most are keenly aware that mobile devices are on the fast track to dominate our digital world.

More than 2 years ago, Google announced that half of all searches take place on mobile device. Additionally, Statcounter recently uncovered that mobile internet usage has now topped desktop as well.

What many may not be privy to, however, is that apps are beginning to absorb even more mobile web browsing. In 2016, ComScore announced that roughly 50% of the time Americans spend online is spent in-app.

This means that any wise business owner has an app for their brand. One of the best ways to promote a mobile app is through mobile marketing services like LinkTexting. According to the company, its technology is responsible for driving more than 200,000 app downloads each day.

This platform provides brands with three website widget formats for bolstering app downloads. Each one of them allows consumers to enter their phone number in order to receive a download link for the desired app instead of manually searching for it.

Making the service even more valuable is the fact that LinkTexting provides users with analytics data around app downloads including how often it is downloaded, where it is downloaded from, and much more.

This kind of information allows business owners to achieve a greater understanding of their target audience and how to market to them effectively.

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Itai Elizur is the COO at Inbound Junction, a content marketing agency specializing in helping startups and business increase their online visibility. Prior to joining the Inbound Junction team, Itai worked as a Creative Manager at Wix.com, and as the Director of Marketing at Infolinks, the 3rd largest website network in the world.