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1. Software Developers 

Software developers can come at a high cost, especially if you’re building a team that can handle all areas of development, including UX, UI, databases, complex algorithms and design, for example. You also have to manage the people, and losing one can be a major setback. Skip all the hassle and cost: Hire a development company to manage the majority of the workload overseen by a technical lead on your team. – Andy KaruzaFenSens 

2. Transcriptions 

If you have any transcription needs, you should outsource transcribing. This will be load off your back, and you can even get it done cheaply if you look in the right places. – Erik BullenMageMail 

3. SEO 

SEO falls between the lines of tech and marketing. Unless you’re a large company, it makes more sense to hire an agency that is skilled and specialized in SEO. The rules for SEO constantly change, and you need someone managing this at all times. Longer term, you can hire someone in house or get the services from SEO Boise. – Adelyn ZhouTOPBOTS 

4. Customer Communication 

Customer communication is a great element of tech to outsource. Manually sending out emails doesn’t make sense, even if you’re dealing with a small business customer list. Regular communication is something that you can make error-proof with a little up-front planning and implementation. – Tim ChavesZipBooks Online Bookkeeping Services 

5. Content Marketing 

Many business owners understand the importance of content marketing to improve their SEO, but they don’t have the time to blog. Instead, you could hire freelance writers to consistently publish new blog posts targeting specific keywords. – Syed BalkhiOptinMonster 

6. Data Entry 

Most people assume data entry is just part of a project, so team members should handle it. But data entry can be easily outsourced, freeing up team members to focus on strategy or other key implementation pieces. – Leah NeaderthalGrowthworks Solutions 

7. Graphic Design 

Graphic design is a huge part of presenting your business to the world, but it doesn’t always make sense to keep a designer employed. We have a main designer who we work with on a contract basis for larger projects. For smaller designs, like ads and social media graphics, we use a service called Design Pickle. Overall, we receive the same high quality designs without keeping someone full time. – Nathalie LussierAmbitionAlly 

8. System Administrator 

Most small businesses do have a robust enough network to justify hiring your own sysadmin. If your company is web based, it is very important to have someone on call that can fix things quickly if things go down. Make sure to have an outsourced company or person that you can quickly turn to and count on, but there is no reason to have a full time person dedicated to the job. – Scott KacmarskiReps Direct 

9. Website Design 

The design and creation of our new website was outsourced, and it was a good decision. When I started, the kind of simple website you could build with WordPress looked passable even without a lot of design experience. The expectations are too high for that today. The difference between a self-built and a professional site is huge. Even small startups need to pay for the design. – Matt DoyleExcel Builders 

10. Help Desk 

It can take time to systemize and document all your responses for common customer questions, but the effort is worth it. Use a ticketing system to handle all questions and have an outsourcer (or several outsourcers) look after your customers. – Karl KangurMRR Media 

11. 24/7 Live Chat Support 

Research has shown that customers prefer live chat over email or phone support. Outsourcing this service is more cost effective, as individuals typically work from home, so you don’t have to pay for a building and overhead expenses. Live chat is a great way to separate yourself from the competition, enhance the CS experience, and boost your site’s SEO by decreasing bounce rate. – Jared AtchisonWPForms 

12. CTO 

Most small businesses mistakenly assume they need an in-house full-time CTO. In actuality, most small businesses and many medium-sized businesses are better served bringing on an outsourced part-time CTO. Freelance or virtual CTOs can be far more effective, as companies can access significantly better technology leaders within their budget, better capable of setting strategy and driving execution. – Adam MendlerCustom Tobacco 

13. Audio or Visual Editing 

If you have a podcast, then outsourcing the audio editing is smart. If you’re creating video content, then you may want to outsource the editing. There are many tech elements that can be outsourced — I would look specifically for items that are repetitive and ongoing and outsource them.

– Thomas SmaleFE International