12 Technology-Based Tips to Improve Your Business’s Customer Support

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In what way is your business using technology to transform customer support? 

These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. YEC has also launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.

1. Chatbot Automation for Faster Response

Bryan KeslerCustomer support is a draining resource for any company. To counter the time it takes to help customers, we have compiled a list of the most asked questions and built out a chatbot automation that identifies the customer’s issue and directs them to the answer. Be aware that it’s still important to leave a channel open for them to ask a specific question if the bot can’t solve the issue. Bryan Kesler, CPA Exam Guide

2. Tidio Live Chat for Prompt 24/7 Support

Kevin TaoWe are on call 24/7 for our customers, and our customers are really impressed! Tidio Live Chat is completely free. We installed it on all of our computers and mobile devices so we can provide prompt customer support from anywhere. We were able to have many real conversations which created friendships and business opportunities. Loyal customers make the best business partners. Kevin Tao, NeuEve

3. A More Personal Touch Through Social Media

Ismael WrixenOne unexpected way we’ve transformed our customer support is through social media — specifically. Everyone on our team has access to messages sent through Facebook and we reply to every single one. This is a great tool for service providers who don’t have 24/7 live chat — it emphasizes our approachability and personal touch. Ismael Wrixen, FE International

4. Improved Support With Advanced Help Desk

Serenity GibbonsMore advanced help desk software is now available that can improve how fast and well customer questions and concerns are addressed. It’s much more efficient and makes customers happy who want to find an answer quickly rather than wait for a person to call or email them the next day. Serenity Gibbons, Calendar

5. Ticket Systems and Interactive Feedback

Peter BoydWe develop websites, so technology is injected into our company. The best tools we have for support is our ticket system using HelpSpot and our interactive website feedback tool from BugHerd that helps organize all updates. Peter Boyd, PaperStreet Web Design

6. Direct Review Response in the App Store

- Mark KrassneApple now allows developers to respond directly to reviews in the App Store. When a user rates the app with lower feedback because of a specific issue, we acknowledge their concern and encourage them to follow up with our customer support team. Using this strategy helps users to feel their concerns are understood and addressed and can contribute to higher App Store reviews. Mark Krassner, Expectful

7. Screen Recording for Personalized Video Tutorials

Solomon ThimothyNot every user case can be documented, nor do we always have the time to read lengthy documents. With the help of lightweight screen recording plugins, you can now help someone fix a hurdle much quicker than sending a long form help document. This is how you create remarkable experiences for customers. Solomon Thimothy, OneIMS

8. CRM to Understand Customer Behavior

Kristopher JonesUsing a CRM, businesses can understand the different touchpoints and actions that led customers to your website. Using this information, businesses can serve up content that supports individual consumer needs. With more information on the services and products businesses register for, they can better handle customer support and offer solutions that directly address their personal needs. Kristopher Jones, LSEO.com

9. Polls and Customized Support With the Right Tools

Adelaida Diaz-RoaWe use Hotjar to actively poll users and to receive detailed feedback through screen recordings and their feedback widget. Loom is another great tool to send users how-to videos, product updates or more personalized message replies. We also use Zendesk to keep a knowledge base of all past questions and requests so that users can find what they’re looking for as fast as possible! Adelaida Diaz-Roa, Nomo FOMO

10. Quick Contact via SMS Text Messaging

Jared AtchisonDepending on the business, we’ll sometimes give customers the option to contact us through texting. Customers are always on their phones and why not give them the option to reach out to us in a quick way? Texting customers shouldn’t just be for sending them promotions, it should be a two-way street. Jared Atchison, WPForms

11. Automated Reporting to Improve Retention

Todd RichheimerWe’re streamlining our client reporting process and improving retention by working with our data and engineering teams to have monthly ad performance reports automatically generated for each personal injury firm we work with. This helps us improve working relationships with firms and, by increasing transparency and having a safe environment in the workplace. We always avoid any unnecessary injuries, but nobody is prepared for an unexpected situation, that’s why it’s important for every business to take these workplace injury prevention services.

12. Advanced Package Tracking for Faster Updates

Diego OrjuelaOne of the most important pieces of information a customer needs is their tracking number. Until now, we have been limited to providing a tracking number and letting the customer interact with the carrier for updates. New technologies use webhooks to provide notifications when a new event happens such as a package being delivered, and this creates an advantage for our customer support team. Diego Orjuela, Cables & Sensors

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