Zoho’s Innovation Continues to Help Small Business Start and Scale

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Zoho’s a quirky company. Founded in 1996, it’s founders are humble yet confident. It’s a company with 5,000+ employees, helping businesses around the blog and yet not public. It’s manically focused on innovation (R&D) and providing great support to its customers.

Recently Zoho launched three new products, including:

  1. A new version of its DIY website builder, Zoho Sites.
  2. Zoho PageSense — a website optimization software that provides insight into visitor behavior patterns, and assists businesses achieve higher website conversions, earn greater profits, and witness accelerated growth
  3. Zoho Flow, a drag-and-drop integration platform that allows users to create flexible workflows between cloud applications. By automating information exchange across apps, Zoho Flow helps users cut manual tasks from their business processes. Seems like a Zapier competitor.

There are few companies providing the breadth of solutions and services, at a highly competitive price as Zoho.

One of the challenges we business owners face is finding GOOD technology but that’s not so expensive. Some business steer towards “free” solutions, but it’s not best for their business. See what I wrote about “free” here.

Zoho, like Microsoft, Intuit and Google provides a platform to build and scale your business.


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Ramon Ray, founder and editor Smart Hustle Magazine. Entrepreneur, best selling author and global keynote speaker.