Microsoft 365 Adds Enhanced Security in a New Update

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Many business owners are pretty familiar with Microsoft Office 365, which launched several years ago. It was a corner stone of Microsoft Office shifting from “CD” based software installed on a computer to a cloud computing environment where Microsoft Office tools such as Word and Excel were accessed via a web browser.

Launched more recently is Microsoft 365 which combines the online office suite, Windows 10 and Microsoft security solutions.

Microsoft writes, in a blog – To further protect SMBs from cyberthreats and safeguard sensitive information, today we’re announcing the addition of advanced security features in Microsoft 365 Business, which gives businesses with up to 300 employees an affordable, comprehensive solution for empowering employees and safeguarding business data. Microsoft 365 Business includes Office 365 for productivity and collaboration, plus device management and security capabilities to protect company information across the devices people use for work. Now we’re adding new ways to protect against phishing and ransomware and prevent unintentional leaks of business data.

CEO of Solace IT Solutions, Chris Oakman, works with SMBs to help them get up and running with the right technology. He says it doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive to keep your team productive and your business data secure.

“I work with a lot of small businesses that have historically had to pay for individual security services like spam filtering and anti-phishing,” said Oakman. “For these businesses, Microsoft 365 Business could save them up to $3,000 per year while including these and many other data protection capabilities in a more integrated way.”

With the addition of these new capabilities, Microsoft 365 Business offers your business a complete solution for productivity, security, and device management. Watch this video to learn how iSalon Software, a U.K.–based developer of software solutions for hair salons, uses Microsoft 365 Business to be more productive and secure.

Read the full blog post here.

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